Re: Kryptonian Skin Cells

This post is a response to an episode of the big bang theory

While there may not be an explicit reference to Kryptonian skin cells, this was still a foolish bet for Leonard to accept.  Superman’s ability to store the yellow sun’s energy, acting as a battery, is firmly established in Byrne’s Man of Steel series from the 1980s.  Even if it isn’t there, any edition of Who’s Who featuring Superman and many of the 80 page giants and Secret Origin stories will also contain this information in the supplementary information.  Add in stories where his ‘batteryness’ is a plot point in the stories, I bet there are over 20 comics in the collection that enable Sheldon to win the bet.

It is a measure of futility to try and apply any physics to most super powers antrot Superman’s in specific. But occasionally comics give it a go. The result is that it is well established that he stores solar energy from yellow suns.  As a result Supes is stronger than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap tall buildingsion a single bound. Plus he flies, has heat vision, invulnerable skin and so forth. It makes no sense but that is what it is.

As Raj points out, “The pretty girl has left the room.”


5 thoughts on “Re: Kryptonian Skin Cells

  1. Anthony says:

    I know nothing about Superman or science but if his flight truly was a feat of strength, he would simply move from one point to another, he would not be able to hover in the air, any feat of strength would be force and only provide propulsion, not the ability to hang suspended in the air for any let alone an extended period of time

  2. Dove Michael says:

    Lex Luthor once theorized that Superman had to stem from a gigantic planet with enormous gravity, where his species had developed natural anti-gravity organs to be able to function; on Earth, this would allow him to control his own gravimetric field in order to fly.

  3. Dove Michael says:

    Originally, he only had the power to jump great distances, as stated by the 1940s Superman cartoons

  4. Jeorme Hanby says:

    The whole battery thing is kind of called into question by the usual treatment of Supes being exposed to red sun radiation immediately nullifying his powers. I don’t believe they handle red sun exposure that way 100% of the time, but usually they do and it’s a major plot point.

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