Prose and Cons

Have you ever had something bad happen that seems to set the stage for the rest of the day? I’m pretty positive that I had more good things happen today than bad, but I moped around all day like the bluebird of despair.

The good

  • I got to ride at the front of the bus (the non-bumpy seats) both to and from work
  • It looks like I will get to work with a good Microsoft person on a question that I didn’t even think would work out.
  • Almost all my meetings ended early giving me time to do some work.
  • I had my favorite bus driver and my favorite bus for the ride home
  • I got Netflix working on my Wii and watched the first episode of leverage
  • My god-daughter turned 10
  • I arrived at work early.
  • One of my co-workers offered to buy me lunch.
  • My new work call-sign, handed out as a team building exercise, is coincidentally the same as my jersey nickname from college.  Nifty!

The bad

  • The return bus was late and I didn’t get home until 6:30.
  • I missed going out for drinks with my team again.
  • I had meetings booked every second of today.
  • I started the day with over 100 e-mails in my mailbox and over 55 unread.  (I keep a clean inbox.  Anything over 30 starts to give me agita.)
  • I ended the day with over 100 e-mails in my mailbox and 25 unread.
  • My first meeting this morning had three unpleasant surprises.  I also had to eat cross about a meeting last week that went south.  One of the surprises was that the follow-up meeting to the messed-up one, booked for the afternoon was heading south.  I got out of the morning meeting.  Made calls.  Talked to people and got it back on track.  Somehow I still managed to piss off all the same people who were made at me in the morning meeting anyway.
  • The trip to Lethbridge is back on.  I still do not know how I will manage the hotel.
  • Some of my staff don’t like their new call signs.
  • My staff returned from lunch empty handed.  There was nothing for me.The restaurant hadn’t been open.  Because I had a meeting at 1, there was no time to run out to lunch.  Lunch consisted of a granola bar and three twizllers.
  • While getting my morning water, I turned and buckled my ankle causing a fall.  (No injuries.)
  • I do not think I have enough time to get the adventure finished for tomorrow.  Mostly because I really just want to go to bed now.  🙂
  • There was one last quirk, but it falls in the TMI category.

Tomorrow will be awesome though.

Plus I did get to make that horrible pun in the title.  That makes me smile.


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