Weekly Recap

Hi everyone!  I’m in a pretty awesome mood today.  Had but a single meeting and spent a good part of the day working on technical items.

The past week was nifty.  Nifty, I tell you.  The highlight was pleasant news from the Petersons.  (Of course, anyone could have given me the notice a few weeks ago… “Anything interesting at the men’s conference?” I asked.)

I spoke of the new game on Wednesday.  Comics were pretty good when I read them on Thursday and Friday.  Detective Comics was likely my favorite.  It was a dark and tense issue.  You held your breath throughout thinking that something horrible was about to happen.

A decent turnout again this week.  Petersons were up and having Troy come by is always a treat.  Neither game we played that night was great, but in general the company was awesome.  The next night at Corrigan’s was also good.  The chili was awesome.  That sort of home cooked goodness is always a delight in my normal diet.  Seeing the kids was great as well.  So many of them I see so rarely that they seem to grow a foot between visits.  The eldest girls are starting to become little women while the boys still seem to be fighting an endless war of fun in their imaginations.  Pretty darn nifty.

Sunday I visited my folks and talked politics with Dad.  It was a neat contrast to the similar subject matter the day before.  I am enthused with the election now.  I think it is fairly likely that there will be another post or two on the election this week.  Sorry if you aren’t interested in those.

Today Mom came to get my keys and I treated her to lunch.  We parted ways.  I went back to work and she came to my place to facilitate a delivery.  I got inside the front door of work and realized that I hadn’t handed over the keys.  🙂  Mom’s phone was turned off, but fortunately she realized before getting all the way to my place.

I had a little support bar installed in the washroom.  Now, except for a 2×4 and some whimsical adhesive ducks, I think my place is as safe as I need it to be.

My lights in the kitchen all blew out yesterday.  I turned on the light and three lights flashed and went out all at the same time.  I think there is a problem with that lighting track.  Grr.

Not the longest post, but that covers the main points.  Thank to everyone who conspired to make last week so cool!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Dave says:

    In my defense… I knew about the Peterson’s news before the men’s conference.

  2. Dano says:

    2×4 right! I’m on it.

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