Weekly Recap – with extra lift

Tried out my new lift on Friday when the guys came over.  (which was awesome – a nigh full house will only Troy and some of the Robs missing).

My house has several amenities to make is easier for me to get around.  My bed, Laz-y-boy and toilet are all raised – raised using a hodgepodge of methods from homemade boxes, to longer legs, to weird toilet specific enhancements.  But that is pretty much it.  I dislike having to make any concessions so only make them once absolutely necessary.

More noticeable would be that pretty much every surface is covered with crap from various hobbies.  Books, games and comics literally overflow from out of the guest room.

The scooter parked in the middle of the living room might be a bit glaring I suppose.

But the lift is new.  I contacted – actually I don’t know who I contacted.  I never wrote down the contact number.  I think I started with Health Link and they gave me a contact number.  Nuts.  Nuts – how can get back in touch with them?

Regardless, I have a lift.  I bought it because I am not, um, small.  Unable to stand myself if I fall, I need someone to lift me to my feet.  This has happened a few times in public and generally 3-4 people have participated in the raising.  It is an event that brings a community together.  At home, it is more difficult to gather a crowd at will.  Fortunately I have strong friends.  So far they have been able to do a raising all on their own.

Sooner or later that will not work.  My friends might grow older and more frail.  They might all have thrown out backs or hobbled ankles.  Worse, they might hobble themselves or throw out their backs doing the raising.  I would feel very, very guilty and there would be wo of us laying on the floor.

The purpose of the lift is specifically to make it a one person job to raise me.  Hopefully that person could now be pretty much anyone.

With seven people in the house on Friday, we gave the lift a trial run.  Even if it didn’t work, I had the manpower on hand to facilitate a raising.  It worked quite well.  With the lit a single person can get me either onto my bed or my chair.  Yay!

The only problem is that it clashes with my board game and comic book decor.  Nuts.

Other stuff happened this week too.



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