More games

I’m still pretty unsure about my last post.  Almost want to take it down.

I’ll switch gears and talk about something far less weighty.  I made it out to the game store yesterday and got five new games.  Yay!

The first two are simply expansions to existing games.  A Space Alert expansion which either complicates the turns or makes them harder.  It also introduces a campaign version where you can improve your explorers through series of missions – even if your team doesn’t quite make it out…

The second expansion is for Cosmic Encounter and introduces additional aliens into the mix.

The first new game is Dixit.  It is a party game that is perhaps most similar to Apples to Apples.  Instead of matching words though the cards are all whimsical pictures.  The current player chooses one of his/her cards and gives a a description on it.  Then each other players chooses one of their own cards that might also match that description.  They are all submitted in secret and then voted on.

The second is Innovation – I have been waiting for this game to be available for a long time.  It is a card game and a civilization game.  It only incorporates the tech tree idea of a civilization game.  It plays best with two or three players and should only take 30 – 60 minutes.

The final game is Mansions of Madness.  This game seems tailor made for the group.  I hope it plays as well and it looks to.  Based in the same universe as Arkham Horror it is a game pitting most players against a single keeper.  (ala Descent, but not really much like Descent).  The game has a very narrative element with different objectives and challenges according to five different stories included with the game.  Each story has three keeper decisions with three elements each so that the stories can be replayed.  Like many coop games you are pitted against the game – there is a timer element that can expire with the result that both the keeper and the players potentially lose.

That is what I have for games.

Treek is coming in tonight and flying out again in the morning to go see his brothers in Montreal.  I’ll say hello for y’all.


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