Yay! Election time!

The budget seems to have failed with a dull thud.  Now all the parties have to get an apathetic public excited about an upcoming election.  Tough job.

It is amazing to me that a minority government has survived so long and several elections already.  I’m certainly not upset about the coming election.  That is the cost we have to bear for electing a minority.

But our opposition are doing a horrible job of getting ready for this.  What are they planning to sell to the public?  The pumps should be primed – issues ready to fall from the publics lips already.  Instead it seems that there is a shrug of, “What has changed?”  That is just marketing.

The good thing is that the issues that start an election are generally sidelined by issues that arise during the election.  Good issue for the opposition that is.  But of course surprise issues can just as easily work in the Tories favour.

Why get excited?  If the result might simply be another minority Tory government…  I’m enthused about the chance of getting a majority government with a clear mandate whomever it may be.

That is enough for me.  Lacking an issue I’m not sure it will be enough for everyone else.  I predict a low, low turn out come election day.

Am I wrong?  Is there an issue to drive this election that the parties can campaign on?


14 thoughts on “Yay! Election time!

  1. T-Roy says:

    I think the opposition are hoping the “scandals” will grab some traction. Although, I wouldn’t want to be campaigning against the Tories after knocking them down on this budget. Who knows though, maybe the arrow of “scandal” will work, it did before to unseat the Liberals. Mind you that scandal was bigger, longer and had an inquiry making it headline news. It better work as it seems to be the only one in their quiver.

    • I agree. On both your points. I don’t blame the opposition for taking down a minority government every couple of years, but I’m sure I’m in the minority.

      Scandal should be enough to unseat a gov’t, but none of them have been sufficiently capitalized on,IMO.

    • Pauly says:

      The other arrow may be named “coalition.” Five years of minority creates an awful lot of “grass is greener” sentiment out there.

  2. Susan says:

    How do you feel about making voting mandatory like they do Down Under?

    • I think it is an excellent idea. Are there any drawbacks to it being mandatory? None come immediately to mind.

      • David Silvestri says:

        Only downside is people voting with no idea of who they’re voting for…

        which is likely similar to here… just less votes.

        • Yeah. Maybe there should be a test first. If you fail you get fined. 🙂

        • Dano says:

          How about a “None of the above option”. They get forced out but can still lodge their complaint.

        • Dano says:

          And really, is that any different from the rest of us? How much do we really know about our candidates? Usually it is just party line that most folks vote for.

          • T-Roy says:

            That is the way of the British parliamentary system. We elect parties not individuals. When have you ever heard of someone running on their voting record? They don’t, cause we know how they voted by their party affiliation.

            • I think we already had a similar comment stream on the blog. Funny -have we ran out of topics already.

              Forcing people to vote may indeed cause people who are less informed to vote randomly or to spoil ballots. It is a definite downside. How bad it would be would require us to look closer at somewhere that does it already.

              For people who are investigating picking people according to the party platform, the party leader or the local candidate is always a tough decision in the current system. On a case by case basis you have to choose which is the most important to you. For me I think it changes from election to election.

              • T-Roy says:

                Didn’t Trudeau refer to his elected MP’s as “nobodies”? Federal Politics in Canada doesn’t care much what individual riding’s think.

    • Pauly says:

      People should have the right to be stupid. No forced voting for me! I mean.. not me personally…… I’m not calling myself stupid… though it did appear that way.. for a minute. 🙂

      • T-Roy says:

        Yeah, if a bunch of gumbas want to stay home, then it just means that people who take the time to vote have more say in their government then they should have.

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