Weekly Recap

Well a week of firsts.

I slept hardly a wink last night.  I’m not sure there was any deep sleep in the whole time.  Grr.  I was nervous about work.  This is atypical behavior for me.  Normally even in stressful times I sleep fine.  This was only a little bit stressful.

In related news, I went into work for the first time on the weekend since over a year ago.  Not something I want to remake a habit of, but doing a big change is something that I do miss.  The whole team was in.  I was mostly useless as the one part that I really wanted to get done did not work properly.  Even after working at it for most of today it is not working.

In related news, I went into work by the front door for the first time yesterday.  I no longer need to call my coworkers to open the door so my scooter can make it through.  There is a big sense of freedom there.  Wow – it will be a huge sense of freedom when I am able to drive to work and call my own hours.  The guys all went out for drinks after the change yesterday and I still judged it too slick out there to be heading to a bar.  Hopefully by this weekend or next I’ll be able to join them for post-work mingling.

Outside of work, the biggest news was our second week of making characters in the new game system we are trying.  There is likely another full week before we are done.  We aren’t the most efficient and the system is new, but I think it has been a lot of fun so far.  Part of the reason I want to take another full evening is to revisit some of the chosen aspects.  I’m worried about two things.  First that some characters has multiple aspects that really elucidate the same character trait.  Second, that none of the final aspects really highlight the relationships between the characters.

I gave a poor review of Ruse #1 last Thursday, but the overall week in comics was awesome.  Other standouts include Thunder Agents, Morning Glories, X-Factor and the final Knight and Squire.  I give all of those thumbs up good ratings.

OK that is work and gaming and comics.

I went over to celebrate Dad’s birthday on Wednesday.  I think I’m starting to gain on him.  It was the day before St. Paddy’s so I brought over an Irish Whiskey to celebrate the occasion.  A note – it is a fine drink alongside of Indian food.

All in all a fairly busy week for a slouch like myself.  Let’s see what happens this week…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Craig says:

    Whisky and Indian has long been a classic combination. I don’t sip my drinks with dinner naturally so this combo can end in tears for me. I find the sweet heather flavour of the Highland style is the easiest match. I haven’t tried Irish whiskey though.

    As to the work part I for one cannot wait until this week is over and then when we move off GoA (esp printers 🙂 )
    We’re looking forward to going for drinks with you too!

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