Has anyone heard any good music lately?  In the last year I’ve liked the new Arcade Fire album and the Mumford and Son’s album.  I bought the Black Keys album and Muse album and they were a little disappointing.  There were lots of singles here and there, but no other ones that made me want to buy.

I love music.  I wish I was a musician.  I’ve done lots of music lessons over the years.  Classical guitar.  Some folk guitar.  Several years of piano.  I like playing, but I haven’t done much of it lately.  Barely any at all in the last few years.

I don’t have any musical talent though.  I’ve got decent rhythm – not great.  I can carry a tune, but that is the extent of my ear.  I can’t harmonize.  I can’t pick out a melody on the piano.  I can’t figure out the chord that goes with a certain phrase.

That is what I mean about the difference between myself and a musician.   I could pick up a guitar and piano and some sheet music and follow along, but I couldn’t make music or just jam.

I still sing.  I sing in the car.  I sing along with Guitar Hero.  If I attended church more often, I would sing there too.  I miss driving to work because I can’t sing on the bus.  I’m not much of a singer either.  My voice is fine, but my range is limited.  I barely have a full octave.  That sucks.  It is perfect for singing in a car though.

I can’t really envision a life without music any more than I can a life without reading.

Hmm – I ran out of things to say there pretty quickly.


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