It was bound to happen…

Despite the fact that my blog is often less than enthralling there was certain to be a week during which creating the blog entries themselves became the most interesting them I did that week.

This is that week.

Potentially notable, but not quite notable events – that is things that happened that someone could have noted, but no one did – until now I suppose when I am self-notating them – include:

  • Wednesday comics – Ok.  (note that actual Wednesday Comics series itself was often also just OK.)
  • Gaming – We are part way through awesomeness.  My explanation and the preview didn’t excite, but the brainstorm went better than I anticipated.  Then it got later and enthusiasm waned.  Plus I have a niggling suspicion almost all Dave’s suggestions were ignored.  I hope I am mistaken.
  • Reading – Much like last week I read two books over the weekend.  Except this weekend they weren’t very good.
  • Work – the hilight was a tour of an emergency call centre.  I’m not sure if anything I saw was confidential so like all work items, I’ll have to err on the side of caution and say nothing.  Forget I even mentioned it.
  • Actual almost news – Tim missed gaming.
  • And then I watched curling…

Sigh.  Didn’t I vow to use lists less often several months ago?  Perhaps I should also attempt to use fewer rhetorical questions in blog entries.





10 thoughts on “It was bound to happen…

  1. Dano says:

    I really liked last Friday. I have been excited all week.

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