Weekly Recap

Hmm…  well the last recap was on Tuesday.

Work was hectic last week.  I counted and I attended just under 5 bazillion meetings.  Under our one big project there are about 6 other projects in flight that need my attention.  Anyone of them could fill 50% – 100% of my day.  They’ll all end in mid-March.

Comics were great.  I think I mentioned that before.  Tim pronounced the week as “solid”.

The guys came over on that day they always come over.  We played Galaxy Truckers again.  We choose two advanced ships and added another option to make the game harder.  It was killer.  Ships pulled into port in pieces.  More drop outs and complete destructions than I’d even seen before.    The important thing is that I won.  Except I didn’t even do that.  Grr, I say.  Grr.

Fun was had by all.

People had been very nice about Dave’s foot online.  We gave it a good mocking on Friday.  We didn’t want his head to get as swollen as his feet.  I haven’t asked – hopefully the swelling and bruising has gone down.

Mr. P returned from Jamaica on the weekend.  He has an airplane tale of woe and horror that has a happy ending.  If you didn’t catch it on the Facebook, you should track hm down and hear it.

There are several games I want: Space Alert Expansion, Cosmic Encounter Expansion, 7 Wonders and Innovation.  There word was they were all in at the game store this weekend.  I tried to go and get them, but the snow on Sunday sent me back home again empty handed.

The other news is that work wants me to travel to Lethbridge late this month and Winnipeg in May.  So I’m trying to figure out how to stay in a hotel room without getting stuck in bed.  If that is possible, I need to talk to the airport and airline.  I haven’t really traveled since I haven’t been able to get out of a normal chair.

Had tummy trubles today.  Apparently I shared too much on Facebook.  So I’ll spare you all her.

Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family as they grieve.  God bless Jason.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. David Silvestri says:

    You prolly don’t want to hear this… But I drove right by the gaming store on Sunday. I was dropping off my folks snow blower on the way to the hockey game. I was running a little late, so I wouldn’t have had time to stop… Not sure if they would have been open by the time I drove by either.

    • Actually, huh, look at that. I noticed there was no Open sign in the store window and checking the online site they aren’t open on Sundays until spring.

      It is a day later and now I feel doubly jilted!

      Don’t worry about it. I want to use my limited fetch and carry favours for important things.

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