“Monday comes to fast…”

maybe if I punch it in the face it’ll stay down a while longer.

[Typo by a facebook friend, punch line by me.]

I want to talk about Brian Wood.  He is a comic writer.  He has two regular ongoing vertigo series – Northlanders and DMZ.  Neither are really my thing.  I mostly read them because he finds such astonishing artists to work with.

But Mr. Wood has a track record of mini-series and graphic novels that are great: Demo, Demo 2, Local, and New York Four.  His collaborators were either Ryan Kelly or Becky Cloonan.  That might be one factor.  The artists on those series always knocked it out of the park.  Incredibly so.

Perhaps he just has a way of chronically the fictional tribulations of twentysomethings.

These series were ones for which I waited eagerly month-by-month for the subsequent issues.  Comics which I immediately wanted to read again a second time.  Comics which often provoked a visceral emotional reaction – good and bad.

New York Four was the best of the short Minx line of graphic novels and when it was ended the knowledge that Wood and Kelly had follow-up stories planned for the young ladies in the cast was one of the biggest disappointments.  Grr.

So when New York Five was announced as a Vertigo title I was a little bit happy.  When I missed issue #1 last month I was downcast.  When both issues #1 and #2 arrived this week it made an already pretty nifty week of comics almost transcendent.

New York Five is cute and quirky.  Its characters almost defined more by their peccadilloes than a personality.  It seems to tell four stories that barely abut one another. Those are flaws.  This is not a perfect book.

But it is so very very fun.  It brims with fun.  It sports that same form of teen angst that makes watching shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives so inappropriate and painful.  But it makes it joyful.

It is but a four issue series and so it is now half over during the first week that I’ve begun reading it.  So despite being happy, happy, joy, joy to have read it I am already sad.  😦

Hopefully Brian Wood is already working with the right partner on something just as good.


8 thoughts on ““Monday comes to fast…”

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    Sadly I only read the first two issues of new York four… So I’m a bit lost. But Kelly is a fantastic realistic artist. Would love to see Kelly on something like Fables or Unwritten or something long running realistic in Vertigo.

    • Yes, yes you are. New York Four was an OGN. Maybe you only read the first half of it.

      Remember the gaps in Kelly producing Local though. He could likely do arcs, but I don’t think he is suited to an ongoing. Alternate arcs on something cool would be alright. I wonder if something would be lost if he was in colour.

      • David Silvestri says:

        Maybe I’m just not remembering the whole New York 4 story then? hmmm.

        Yeah, it’s too bad Kelly isn’t faster. And it’s a good point about the color. His New York back drops are better uncolored… what if they only colored the people?

  2. David Silvestri says:

    Bought my own copy of New York Four today… $10… Hard to pass up… Brandon uphold me twice today… 🙂

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