Weekly Recap

Check out this link for something interesting that my ministry is working on.

Note that the government people and the civil rights people are talking at cross-purposes and both have valid points.  From what I’ve heard of this project no additional data about Albertans is being collected through this initiative.  The concern shouldn’t be “Oh my gosh, look at all the info big brother has on me!”  Big brother has your info already.  This project will simply enable the RCMP in St. Albert to have the same information about you as the Edmonton Police Service in Edmonton.  I’m not an expert here, but I think that the Alberta government is already the rightful custodian of this data since it is used within the provincial courts.

As Albertans we should be concerned with the information that law enforcement can collect on us without a warrant, what they can collect with a warrant without informing us, how long that information is retained if we are not part of an active investigation, etc.  But TALON does not change any of this…  Note that this information is not FOIPable – this makes sense.  If we are suspected of criminal behavior and are under investigation this information shouldn’t be release to the person’s of interest.  But it is a fine line to walk.  So there are certainly civil rights concerns, but not the ones they seem to be pointing out, IMO.

Also note that AJ – the fellow in the picture in the article is my ultimate boss.  My unit and the unit involved in maintaining this TALON at the top secret location both report up to him.    Neat – I was just talking with AJ last week.  Twice in the past week we’ve escalated decision up to him and the answers came back in less than 30 minutes.  Can I tell you how awesome I think that is?

This morning was odd.  I slept in an extra hour because I was driving to work this morning.  I was quite worried about navigating the parking lot.  Ultimately I asked Craig and Shaun for help and it was a breeze.  Shaun did the valet parking while Craig played doorman.  I managed the step on my own. (I’m a big boy now!)  The parking lot was glare ice, but the path to our door had ten feet of clear path.  I parked on the path and walked in.  I don’t think I could manage the step, the door and my walker without a door man though.  So we’ll continue to use DATS as the primary transport.

I had to re-hem my pants this morning.  By re-hem, I mean re-apply Quick Sew.  That took an extra ten minutes.  I was worried I would get there late, but all was good.

When I went to change which phone was on the hook this morning, I discovered that one of the cordless phones won’t even take a charge anymore.  Grr.  If I didn’t need those to run the buzzer and my medic alert system the landline and the attached phones would be gone!

At work today there was no water.  The entire building was dry except for two washrooms which needed to be shared with other tenants and the public.  Our side also had no potable water for drinking.  I was quite glad that I was coming home for the afternoon.  Everyone else went out to a restaurant for lunch to be able to use a washroom.  Apparently that did pass code, but we were allowed to work from home today if it was possible to do our jobs.  Let’s hope for water tomorrow.  I’m in the office all day tomorrow and wouldn’t mind a glass or two of water during the day.

My afternoon appointment was with an AADL Occupational Therapist and a rep from a local medical supplies store.  They demoed a lift for me that can get me up off the ground if I fall.  Like my friends they hate my apartment and want to get rid of all my furniture.  The lift worked fine.  There are some quirks.  While in the sling my butt just clears my bed at the lifts highest position.  It is hard to manuever on carpet.  Mom came over because she doesn’t trust me to ask all the important questions.  She had trouble pushing it around.  The hardest part is closing the legs.  Neither Mom nor the OT were able to do that.  The rep did it fine though so I think my friends can do it.

So 6-8 weeks for delivery.

We also looked at putting a pole in the washroom for support, but there is a drop ceiling there.  So that is a no go.  I’m going to get my towel bar replaced with a real grab bar though, so there will be some improvement.

I also did a bunch of work today.  🙂

This past week.  Tim came over on Wednesday and the guys on Friday.  My routine was restored to normal.  Yay!  The week was pretty uneventful.

I did read the newest Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson Wheel of Time book on Saturday and Sunday.  One thumb up is my review.  A lot happens and a lot of good stuff happens.  It doesn’t get a double A plus review though as when I was finished there wasn’t much emotional impact.    Still for those people who gave up on the series during the last couple Jordan penned installments these last two books have been a big improvement.  Towers of Midnight is the 13th book in the series.  The next book is probably about 18 months away and then the series will be done!  21 years of publishing history so far…

Finally, there was some discussion about a new couple of iPhone apps called Confession and Mea Culpa.  Both apps help a Catholic prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation by doing a daily examination of conscience.  One of my biggest sins is failure to attend mass regularly and it doesn’t look like the app will help with that.  Anyway, the best moment was when Stef quipped, “Sinning?  There’s an app for that!”

Right.  That is that for this week.  Stay cool people.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Dano says:

    Drop ceiling is not a problem. Just cut a hole in the tile. Easy as pie.

    • Well – maybe, maybe not. If it is OK with you, I’d like you to pull the cover on the ceiling fan and take a boo up there.

      • Legally the area above the ceiling in the condo is common area. I’d need board approval to run a pole through there.
      • There might be duct work or electrical above there. Which is why I hope to have you see – that would be the biggest real problem
      • There might not be a good place to put a pole anyway. It has to be somewhere that is helpful for both the shower and toilet, but doesn’t block access to either.
      • Finally, the company might not to the installation or might charge a fortune for it. It might be easiest to buy the pole and get a private contractor to do the installation.

      None are absolute show stoppers (except maybe a combo of 2 and 3), but it was more complicated than I thought it was.

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