Whether weather

Weather is a small talk conversation.  The topic you drift to for safety in the company of strangers, that you use to break the ice or that is used to fill time between other topics.  Right?

But that topic in Edmonton can often be interesting in its own right.  Certainly the various adventures people have had in dealing with winter during 2010/2011 can make a picaresque tale.  Driving can be dangerous, daunting, exhilarating and frustrating.  Shoveling has taken on a Sisyphaean undertone.  Extreme cold followed by temperatures that are far better than mild in rapid succession.  The tale of woe that is the city plowing initiative has become a separate topic in and of itself (one I was once going to write on, but have since wearied of).

I heard in the fall that this winter was supposed to be colder, snowier and longer than any we’ve had in a while.  I think that I’ve seen both colder and snowier.  But winter held off for a long time – there wasn’t permanent snow on the ground until the mid-point of November and temperatures were mild until then as well.  I’ve had enough of winter at this point so I’m hoping that we won’t earn that long winter by have it follow us until late April.

OK – I’ve warmed up enough now.  Time for dinner.  Stay frosty.


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