Interesting Link (to me)

Home already.  Here is the good and the bad:

I enjoyed this article on my way home: Ladies Comic Project

Good comics selection.  Of the ones I’ve read I like them.  Of the ones I hadn’t it is generally because I have no interest in the subject matter. (I’ve read Blankets, by Craig Thompson, but not Goodbye Chunky Rice.)

I own Batwoman, Echo, Fables – although all in floppies instead of trades.  Dave has the Fables trades.  Echo was the only one where I wasn’t blown away from issue #1.  And Echo is a special case because it was really built for the trade so the first issue is a bit short – It is all setup and no resolution.  Plus RASL was stronger that month as a #1 – a position which I’ve since reversed, but neither story is yet complete so I may reverse again.

In bad news:

Getting into bed last night, I tossed my Kindle onto the bed.  It took a weird bounce, hopped over my pillow and against the wall.  It did that vertically and then continued to slide down the head of the bed until I heard it hit the floor.  It is out of reach and now I have nothing to read!

This would have never happened with a book.  The gap is too small.  One more reason to prefer physical artifacts instead of digital.

Stay frosty people!


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