Lots to talk about!

I have been planning a post about snow clearing for a while, but there seems to be a lot going on in the last week.

First thank you to Craig and Suellen for the patio clearing.  Thank you!  Thank you to the guys for a bunch of smaller chores on Sunday too – fixing the runner, planning a foot slip stop, moving my car and the stuff Rob hasn’t quite finished yet.  I’ve had a lot of little help in the past week.  I certainly appreciate it.

Tony R. was over yesterday and brought dinner.  Thanks!  I was bragging to him about how the battery on my scooter rarely needs charging.  Today I moved offices to a new part of the building and it means that I need to put a lot more miles on the scooter.  As I drove to the new location the battery meter started to slip inexorably downward.  To preserve power by the end of the day I had reduced my speed to almost nothing.  🙂  It stays full for nearly a month at a time, but then empties all at once.  That or it drains as soon as I brag it up.

Happy Robby Burns day!  If you read this today make sure to take a dram of scotch.  I’m going to break open my bottle of Glen Garrioch with dinner.  Num, num.

The big news today is the report that Steady Eddy is done as Alberta Premier.  I am pretty sure that I respect him for his honesty, but we certainly don’t see eye to eye on politics and I don’t think he was a good figurehead for the party either.    I don’t think being Premier it is enough to simply be a good guy.

It seems to me that Mr. Ted Morton is the likely successor – maybe not until a leadership convention in the fall though.  Morton and I are even farther apart on the fiscal spectrum.  However, I think the party will receive better overall leadership.  My political beliefs contain in part the dictum that there is more than one way to do things.  Regardless of my personal opinion of which way is better, I think the province will benefit from strong leadership.

The employees in the public sector might see an even tighter belt tightening though.  That is scary – especially for a person that just took a job back in the public sector again!

The other question that comes up is whether the other parties will be able to capitalize on this.  The PCs will not have a strong desire to support Mr. Stelmach from now until his replacement.  Any PC party bickering that was located only in back rooms may come forward now (and they had a problem with that anyway!)  We’ve got the strong push from the Wildrose, the Alberta Party barely exists, but seems to have a little momentum too.  The Liberals are foundering – perhaps they can be reactive to an opportunity here too.

If we are going to discuss politics, please be on your best behavior.  No calling folks a moron please.  But I’m interested in hearing what others think…

Now I need to go buy something with my new credit card to make sure it works.  Take care and I’ll talk snow later.


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