Weekly Recap

Well I haven’t done of these in a few weeks or so.

My plan for last week looked something like this:

  • prepare all business taxes
  • study VMWare
  • Meet with an OT
  • Get keys made
  • Go into Telus for a day

My actual accomplisments looked like:

  • one item off the list above (and some partials)
  • started to re-read the Dresden files
  • watched some TV and movies
  • Read a new RPG from cover to cover
  • Played my new Rock Band game until the credits scrolled up in front of me
  • Started Virtual Villagers 5

It is a longer list, but it won’t impress my parents at all.  Needless to say I had a great time.

The highlight was Troy coming up from the far south for Friday gaming (although I think he is a twit for planning a trip in that weather. 🙂 ).  We watched a catechism study course and then played Cash  & Guns with the Yakuza expansion and it added so interesting layers to what been mostly a random (but fun) game.  (Plus I won the first game!)  But mostly we talked.  That was pretty cool.

I slept poorly on the weekend.  I was nervous about the new job and that culminated last night.  I’m not sure how much sleep I got, but I am tired, tired, tired now.  By today, I was more worried about whether I’d even be able to get to work.  The worry was needless.  I had to drive, but it worked out pretty great.

The parking lot is being cleared as I write, so tomorrow I will be trying DATS.  We’ll see how long it takes to get to work that way.

Work – I started my new job today.  I already have an office, a computer, phone number, user id, access to all documents and an access badge with my greying mug on it.  Heck, except for the badge with photo I had most of that when I walked in the door.  I spent most of the day filling out paperwork and swearing oaths, but I got a tour of the facility and a grounding in the basics by my boss. The facility is pretty cool.  It doesn’t have the “way cool” monitoring room that we had at Telus, but it still has a shiny “new car” scent.  I saw my permanent office (we are in temp offices).  It exists and is bigger than any office I have had before.  That is it is bigger than when Matthew expanded his and my first offices on the 2nd floor by two feet…  Still just a cube though.

The only two issues right now are that none of the doors are automated so I’m not sure how I’ll get my scooter inside and my support surface for standing on my left side is about two inches too high.  Neither are big worries.  People seem happy to help me get in and I plan on growing those two inches taller (in the torso).

I asked what is confidential and what isn’t.  The answer was that unless I’ve specifically heard it is not confidential assume it is.  So the blog will likely be pretty sparse on specific details on the job as we move into the future.

Tomorrow I will read documents and attend my first meeting.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Okay… Silly question.

    If driving worked out, why go with DATS?

    Just curious.

    • Hmm. Good question. I hadn’t really thought about it yet.

      I’ll take DATS tomorrow and we’ll see what it is like. I did like sleeping in the extra 45 minutes this morning (although I was 15 minutes later to work than I wanted to be).

      I had Craig there to help today. I managed to get out of the vehicle without aid, but that is only because the parking stall wasn’t slick at all. No guarantee that will stay like that for long. It was plowed, but there was still loose snow. Once it all packs down it will get slicker.

  2. Brandi says:

    Add “buy phone battery” to your to do list (or even a new phone)

    • Cordless phones are my nemesis (or ice). Grr. I got new batteries in the spring and the phone is only a little over a year old. That is two sets of batteries already.

      My cell always works. I’m good at keeping it charged and ready for action.

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