Bizarre Differences

This might not be bizarre.  Heck, I’m almost positive that this isn’t even interesting.

One thing that I’ve always disliked are the french fries at Wendy’s.  They were tasteless and cardboard like in my estimation.  I used to also dislike the burgers, but that was only because they were square.  That seemed an unreasonable preudice so I was able to overcome it.  My dislike for the fries remained though.

The only way to make them palatable was to eat them hot and drench them in ketchup.  I could manage with just the sweetness of the ketchup covering the blandness of the fries.

The difference here is with Dave.  For some reason I can’t understand the Wendy’s french fries were Dave’s favorite.  He preferred them over all the other fast food fries.  Now, I’m pretty good at putting myself in someone else’s shoes.  Normally I can see how an opposing point of view can be possible.  This is a pretty trivial matter, but I made the attempt.  I cannot do it.  I don’t see how someone could have enjoyed those fries much less preferred them over others.

Just can’t see it.

So recently Wendy’s announced a change in their fries.  Natural cut, preserving more of the potato flavour  and coat with sea salt.  That sounded great to me!  Yay.  I gave them a try and sure enough they’ve rocketed up in my estimation.  I would class them now as yummy.  They are still not a wedge cut fry and there is often a bit too much salt on them, but these are small picky points.  The fries are much better.  I give them my stamp of approval.

Unfortunately, I eat too much fast food so my stamp of approval means too much.  😦

A casual comment to Dave the other day revealed that just as the fries moved in my favour they moved out of his.  This makes me sad.  Not happy.

On Saturday I’ll have to come up with something better.


20 thoughts on “Bizarre Differences

  1. Dano says:

    I guess it is a matter of whether or not you like potato. The old Wendy’s fries were bigger than McD’s. So, they had a higher natural potato to seasoning ratio. They were also cooked less, cooked completely, just less. McD’s on the other hand were small and crispy and covered in salt, and in those days sugar (McD’s has since stopped putting sugar on their fries – so they say). Thinner, crispier, saltier – it is more like a potato chip than a fry. In the end, at Wendy’s you were getting a plain deep fried potato, at McD’s a salty potato chip. I suspect this is where your preference stems from.

    If you want to see it from his perspective perhaps look at it as comparing which one more closely resembles a simple baked potato. If that is your preference the old Wendy’s fries won hands down.

    Personally, I’d take the old Wendy’s fry over the McD’s. But, I don’t really like fries at all so I’d take nothing over either.

    Have not tried the new ones.

  2. David Silvestri says:

    It’s as simple as this…

    I like the taste of a potato (like Dan said). I dislike anything that is salted more than sparsely… fries, popcorn, etc…

    I only eat salt that is put in food while it is cooking. I never ever grab salt from the table and put it on food.

    I like the taste of food… not the taste of salt.

    McDonalds over salts their fries because studies show that the majority of people love salty foods… especially fries.

    Wendy’s is now cooking smaller cut fries, which simply means, they cook crispier in the same amount of time (as per Dan). They now toss tons of salt on the fries so you really can’t even taste the potato anymore.

    Pretty simple I think.

    You need a better topic… your brain’s gone mush with a week off… 🙂


  3. My point was neither to impugn Dave’s taste nor to elevate my own. Nor was it to attempt to analyze the differences to determine to root cause.

    It was simply a different strokes for different folks post.

    FWIW, the new fries are larger than the old. I think they are far more potato-y. They are also saltier, but less salty than a McD’s fry. I found the old fries too salty as well – or at least inconsistently salty. (While certainly less than McDs which are the saltiest, IMO.) Before now, I would have said, other than say a wedge cut fry from Red Robin’s, that the K-Fry fries are my favorite. The new Wendy’s fry has been changed in many ways to resemble the KFC fry.

    • Hmm, according to the Interwebs, the new fry is a slimmer cut. My mistake.

    • David Silvestri says:

      I find that entire post strange, since KFC has a thicker, less salty fry than most other fast food places…

      My biggest beef (hehe) with a KFC fry is that if you take them to go, the ambient heat in the boxes usually turns your fries to mush by the time you get home.

      I would have saif the KFC fries were most like the old Wendy’s fries.

    • Dano says:

      I don’t think anybody took it as offensive. We got the different strokes bit. It is just that I like food – alot. So I commented. And, you did mention that you like to put yourself in different peoples shoes to see their side of things. Definitely an invitation to discuss the the different sides of things.

      @ Dave – this is a great topic.

      In fact, Todd, you need more stuff on food. You should do one on yams. I’ve been researching yams. I have a lot to say in the comments about yams. Mmmmm yams. . .

  4. Susan says:

    great topic and vital Todd.

    have you ever had the chips at Brit’s??

  5. Craig says:

    The best fast food fries are at McDonalds, crispy and salty. As to yams, I don’t care for them but then I’m not a big fan of sweet.
    The people here really seem to like Swiss Chalet which I had never been to before and their fries are all right, the chicken is a black hole of flavour, it actually negates the taste of other food items.

    • David Silvestri says:

      I have never understood the fascination with Swiss Chalet… I find their food kinda meh at best.

      When Andrea was pregnant, she had huge cravings for the stuff…

    • I like the McD fries, but they are almost a food unto themselves. The taste is primarily the oil and salt rather than the potato.

      A black hole of chicken flavour? And that is their signature dish. We should be careful walking by in case we all all sucked into the event horizon! I think I’ve only ever eaten there once or twice. Like Dave, I just thought it was ‘Meh’.

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