Going back to the GoA

[This doesn’t count as a real blog post.]

So I made my decision yesterday.  Actually the last time I changed my mind was Thursday afternoon, but I wanted to be sure.  Turns out I’m still unsure.

One of the problems I had was potentially disappointing people with my decision either way.  This is unavoidable, but try as I could to not have it be a factor in my decision making I kept thinking who am I going to feel more guilty disappointing.  By Friday morning I had talked to a lot of people and I got the impression that no one would hate me regardless of the decision I made.

So once my conscience was a little clearer it became more obvious that I wanted the challenges of trying to be an IT infrastructure architect.

So what am I leaving behind?  A tight team of individuals that likely has more talent per square footage than almost any place in Edmonton.  There may have been more good people at SA, but there were also way more people.  Pound for pound the Telus TV team is pretty awesome.  Plus they are nice guys too.  I was a bit shy at first and I was just starting to get to know everybody.  I’m really going to miss the opportunity to really know the people there and make friends.  (I think I’ve made a couple…)

Second, TELUS was pretty awesome to work for.  They may have their woes and silliness, but it was an organization that was firmly behind the team and the product.  That seems to be pretty rare and exceptional to me.

Third, the product.  Optik TV is a good product.  It is one the team can be proud of.  Not all aspects of the service were within the team’s control, but a lot of it is.  And those bits ran as well, as robustly as possible.  I was just starting to really get a feel for the product.  It is pretty complicated.

Fourth, I’m leaving my project behind.  Gah.  I have so many balls in the air right now.  Things I’ve started that won’t complete for weeks or months after I’m gone.  Most of them will be ably picked up by the other team members.  The others are the little things that I obsess over and the product will run fine without them.  I wish I had more time to see the project through to completion.  Or at least see some of the new processes come into being.  Or at least see the testing completed.

Fifth, I had a Microsoft TAM that I was able to hassle just as much as my old Microsoft TAM.  That was fun from day 1.  I hope I have a TAM at SolGPS.

I honestly don’t have a single negative thing to say.  (OK I could quibble about meaningless stuff.)  That is what made the decision so hard.  I was leaving all the above behind.  I didn’t have a reason for leaving.  There was only the allure of the new opportunity.


13 thoughts on “Going back to the GoA

  1. T-Roy says:

    Congrats Todd, I hope it works out for you…

  2. Suellen says:

    Well done you!

  3. Daniel Cherrington says:

    Very Happy for you!!!

  4. Bhiku or Swami says:

    After reading all of the above… it appears to me that you might have made the right decision for the wrong reasons! Telus sounds pretty good 🙂 based on your own words – Congratulations

  5. Matthew Ornawka says:

    Well Todd, I will be sorry to see you go, but I am glad that you have made your decision. I dont think you will go wrong at SolGPS… Congratulations! You guys wont be that far away anyways for me to come bug ya once in a while… LOL

  6. Karl Waskiewicz says:

    I’m sorry to see you go Todd! Honestly however I would
    probably do the same in your shoes. It sounds like a better
    position, and at the end of the day, you have to do what’s right
    for you. We will manage just fine. Really this is partly Telus’ own
    fault in its HR practices. They decided to reduce risk in new hires
    by bringing on most everyone as a contractor so they could more
    easily cut loose those who don’t end up pulling their weight. Well,
    guess what Telus, that thin string can be cut from either

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