43.5 Hours

I’ve been working now just over three months and I have missed 43.5 hours of work time.  That is almost 6 days.  Way too many.

I think that a day a quarter is good to aim for and two would not make me feel shame.  6 is way too many.  I beleive I mentioned that before.  I’m worried that I’m looking like a shiftless vagabond.

  • 2 sick days.  One I could have worked but had problems with my remote access.  I’m mad about that.
  • 1 day for a medical appt (I didn’t need the whole day, but I also ran some errands)
  • 1 day for another appt.
  • 2.5 hours for a 2nd medical appt.
  • the rest is misc. time off

Anyway, I need to make that up in the next quarter by missing -4 days.  Could be tricky.



4 thoughts on “43.5 Hours

  1. Bhiku or Swami says:

    part-time boy!!!

  2. Dano says:

    I’d be worried.

    But then again I live in a different work world than you (or at least I did before the whole stay home thing). In my world you effused joy to the boss about how thankful you are to have the opportunity to bust you butt pouring concrete 12 – 15 hours a day for 10 bucks an hour.

    In those situations 43.5 hours off a decade would get you canned.

    • Yeah. Different culture. I think my own standards aren’t being met but I don’t think my boss has noticed.

      Work life balance is important so there is a lot of flexibility for odd work schedules. On the other hand there is an expectation you’ll answer your phone 24×7 and check email after hours.

      Plus as a consultant the most important factor is whether my work is done or not. If there were problems there I’d hear posthaste.

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