My Team

(Note: any nostalgia here shouldn’t be interpreted as me being unhappy at the current job.  I’m pretty darn happy.)

So when does my Gov’t team stop being ‘My Team’?

Tony and i organized drinks with the guys and gals tonight and it was the best time I’ve had in a long time.  I really do miss my team.  There were a few no-shows (to be expected), but we had a table of over 12 people.  I was mostly quiet, but I learned about all the important things I had missed.  Some work kvetching, but mostly important stuff.  Wedding planning, new homes, new babies, new girlfriends.  New homes in particular seems to be a popular choice.  I’m so pleased to hear that they seem to be doing well.

I’d still give a left arm to help out those folks if they need it. I have a sense of ownership (right word?) that may or not be earned.  But hopefully I’ve helped them all whether it was technical knowledge, an understanding ear or some guidance.  Heck, one person said tonight they really envied my time management skills.  Really?  I’m marking that one down to tell my mother.  She’ll never believe it.

I might not see any of them again before the holidays.  So Merry Christmas.  Take care of your families.  Realize what a strong group y’all are still surrounded by (for those that are left).  Give me a call whenever something cool happens.  I still care to know.

And now to bed…  let’s hope Marley doesn’t show up to prove me wrong!


6 thoughts on “My Team

  1. David Silvestri says:

    By time management they must mean the extra 10+ pro bono hours you had to put in every week to attempt to keep up.

    I miss my team at the Gov a lot too… They were a great bunch of guys (and gal). And I was blessed to work with them for so long.

    Treek was asking about the group picture I have hanging above my desk at home that Gary took of us right before I left. 9 people in that picture, and only 3 of them are left at the SA now.


  2. Suellen says:

    You know you will always be my team leader in my mind. I miss the guys most of all. Oh well; things happen for a reason.

  3. Mythi says:

    I’m looking forward to the annual Web Team Christmas get-together. I miss seeing you and the others (formerly) from the GoA outside my old team, too. I feel isolated in my current workplace; I guess I should start eating lunch in the coffee room and socialize.

    Happy Holidays!

    • It works both ways. You need the team to reach out to new folks too.

      That was one of my goals although there were people on my team better st it than I.

      I miss you too and the rest of the web team. Hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas!

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