Weekly Recaps

Some weeks I want to write about someone else.  🙂

This blog will be mostly whiny and complainy.  Please browse away now.

Not that last week was all bad.  A number of good things happened.  I attended a course.  My comics were particularly good.  I am reading a decent book, DATS worked without a real hitch, I had a great lunch with Tony, a good evening gaming and a very nice time hanging with my folks and watching the game.

Friday, I had a kidney stone attack.  Here is what happens.  I drink my morning two glasses of water and about 50 minutes later the pressure of my kidneys trying to empty into my bladder around the stone creates pain.  At first it is just a twinge in the back.It grows and wraps around (although still predominantly in the back).  At first it is like a mild headache – something you can work around for your day.  The pain doesn’t seem to increase, but it becomes more intolerable.  At its worst you cough, it turns to retching and you sweat buckets from the pain.

That was where I was at quarter to 7.  So I canceled my DATS ride, called in sick to work/the course, called my folks to let them know I was going to head to the hospital if it became worse and took two Tylenol 3s.  At the hospital what would happen is that they would triage you, take blood and urine samples, give you a more powerful painkiller (through IV) and hydrate you.  Then they send you for a CT or X-ray.  If the T3s work it accomplishes the same thing.

Lo and behold they did work.  The pain diminished and by quarter to 8 I was pain free.  Yay.  I waited another hour and they had another glass of water.  No pain.  So I drank lots of water.

Now I had canceled DATS so I was stuck at home, but I had the work laptop.  I could catch up on my e-mail and my project, but when I tried to log on it rejected my ID.  The error indicated my user account wasn’t cached.  By 9 I was feeling guilty for missing work and feeling just fine.  Waste of a day.  (It turns out today that I was entering my userid incorrectly.  That is right, I had forgotten my own userid.  Which is written on my id badge.  Gah!)

Friday night, while the company was great, I lost every game I played.  By lost, I mean I came in last.  By a wide margin.  Every time.

Saturday was mostly great until the fire alarm went off in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  I got dressed in time to meet the fire fighters doing their sweep in the hall.  They said to wait and they’d come back and rescue me if there was a fire.  2 minutes later the alarm stopped and the fire fighter came back and said it was a faulty pull station.

Sunday the Riders lost the Grey Cup.  As I left my parents told me not to fall down since the evening after the last time I visited them that is what happened.  Well, history repeats itself.

I had shut off the lights and was making my way down the hall into my bedroom.  My walker hit against a door jamb and caused me to lost my balance.  My ankle folded underneath me and I crumpled slowly to the ground.

I was quite scared (still am really).  First it was very dark and when my head hit the ground my glasses went flying off.  I couldn’t see a thing.  Second I had pulled my walker over my body in the tumble and it was tangled in my legs.  Third I had been carrying a phone on the walker, but it went flying as well.  Fourth, the hallway is narrow and didn’t provide much room to manuever.

I need to backup a little.  I’ve been falling for a while – since university really.  Shortly after 2001 I became unable to stand up again after I fell without a lift.  But it was just two weeks ago that it escalated again.  I fell and found out that I couldn’t even raise myself into a sitting position.  This means I can’t move around and get a phone and unlock the door to let help in.  After that I booked an appt. with a consultant to review my apartment, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I also made sure that I brought a phone with me everywhere I went.

So I kicked the walker off me with difficulty.  I manage to roll over and reach over my head to find my glasses.  It was tricky due to the tight confines, but not too bad.  i felt much better as my eyes adjusted to the dark and I could begin to see again.  Then I tried to inch worm towards my bedroom and the direction the phone must have gone.  I did not make it very far – only inches really.  I’m sure I could go slowly the other direction, but it was very difficult going feet first.  I was also worried the phone might have fallen into my closet and be lost amid the stuff in there.

I paused to catch my breath, slow my racing heart and think of my next option.  I rolled the other way and managed to inch a few inches down.  I used my feet and arms to feel around to find the phone.  Eureka!  It was in my closet.I pulled it up with my foot and into my hand.  I called Dave to come and help and I think I was still a little panicked.

A few things.  Most easily – no more walking in the dark at all.  Second, I’ll carry a phone in my pocket whenever clothed (no possible before a shower, but otherwise doable).  I considered switching to wearing my braces inside all the time, but it isn’t practical.  But maybe I will have to wear them more often.  I will also be getting a lifeline type device that I can wear as a watch or necklace so that I can be sure to have help.  Finally, I am contacting the fire department to see if emergency lifts are something they can do.

But now it is twice in two weeks I’ve been mostly helpless in my own apartment.  Both Dave and Mom have suggested I might need someplace with a higher level of care.  That is something I have to seriously begin to consider.  But now I need to go to bed because I was up worrying all night about this.  I am exhausted.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Recaps

  1. Suellen says:

    About the bathroom – try leaving your phone on the toilet seat. With the seat down preferably. :p

    I’m sorry to hear about your week. I’m sure things will get better as you figure things out. I could go on but anything else I can say will just sound pat. I promise at next games night I’ll let you beat me without it looking like I deliberately threw the game. Ask Craig, this is a major sacrifice.

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