Weekly Recap

So it was a pretty awesome weekend.

Friday night had seven people out for gaming.  Unfortunately I was crazy tired.  But I had a good time and I think everyone else did too.  One person was notably absent as he was off getting his eyes zapped.

Saturday was a BBQ over at Dave’s.  Two other families turned out as well.  8 kids and 7 adults.  I brought doughnuts – my first doughnuts since February.  The highlight was when I was left at the kids table playing Angry Birds with half the kids while the adults went off to do whatever boring things adults do.

Sunday was the football game at my folks.  Spellbinding ending.  Wow.  Wow.  There were nachos and then supper and then cheesecake.  Good times and good food.

The week previous was fine.  Nothing to report other than I was working on my November Novel.  It is coming along well provided I get around to doing my words sometime this evening.

The low light was late last night when I took a tumble on the way to bed.  I had to call Dave out of his own to come and help.  If he fell asleep at his first day at the new job I have to claim culpability.  Booked an assessment with AADL today to see if there are any better options.

I missed both Dan’s and Bran’s birthday last week.  So Happy Birthday.  (Did I wish Dano happy birthday in the last weekly recap?)




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