TV Sucks

So there was a comment on Friday night that TV sucks these days.  I didn’t say much at the time, but I was sitting there thinking that I’ve never seen so much tv that I liked than in the last two years.

So I’ll argue both sides of the case.

Network TV mostly sucks.  If you can find a good show a season you aren’t doing too bad.  Then again this has almost always been true.  The ratio of signal to noise on TV has always been low.  I think we are weighed down by rose-coloured memories of our youth.  Memories that are often shown as untrue when the shows come out on DVD. (This statement also covers the fact that there is five million versions of the same thing).

Reality TV mostly sucks.  Yep.

Lots (and lots) of TV is less than morally upstanding.  Yep.  One particular one that I am not down with is the portrayal of the serial killer on primetime in graphic detail.

A significant addendum to the last point is that family entertainment is almost non-existent.  No show whatsoever that would appeal to children and adults pops into my mind.  I can’t even think of one that shows a working family.

While you might be able to argue these points, if you accept any of them they make a pretty convincing TV sucks argument.

The argument for the reverse is the following list of top tv shows according to metacritic for the last year:

  • Mad Men
  • Breaking Bad
  • Eastbound + Down
  • The Good Wife
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Treme
  • Boston Med
  • The Pacific
  • Party Down
  • Sherlock

Treme in particular was just an awesome show.

These shows have many of the flaws that I listed above.  They certainly don’t disprove the other case.  I’ve only seen half of them and I haven’t even liked all that I’ve seen, but I think they are all inventive and well done.

Alright.  I have another blog entry to write.




4 thoughts on “TV Sucks

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Well… I’ve seen exactly one episode of those listed shows and it’s Sherlock… The premiere was awesome. Apparently there are only 3 + 1 unaired pilot… I so want to see the other two… But I’ve now recorded the same episode 4 times… A little frustrating. 😦

  2. Brandi says:

    I do enjoy The Good Wife and have PVR’d the entire series of The Pacific but have yet to watch it.

    I’m sorry but I would also add Dexter and Californication to this list. There’s a reason that neither show is on one of the big 3 networks but both are very popular/critically acclaimed etc. and we can’t wait to watch the next season.

    I also can’t think of a good family show which is really too bad.

    • Dexter is really strong this season. I also just watched the 3rd episode of the Walking Dead and it has started to hit its stride.

      I missed the Pacific on my On Demand. I just have to hope my brother buys it now. It is a slim hope, but you never know.

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