What if?

Sitting and eating a pizza and playing what if.  I am so fortunante that I have be almost untouched by losses in war.  Even in the recent engagement in afganistan I only have one acquitance who lost a loved one.

So instead of remembering I do what if.

What if our soldiers hadn’t been there?

What if people hadn’t lost their daughters and sons, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers?

What if there weren’t those brave enough to go fight for us in the wars?

What if there weren’t those solid enough to wait for their to come home?

How would the world be changed?  How would the lives of those who lost loved ones be changed?

The soldiers motivations for going are likely all different, but they have enable me to do something so mundane and trivial as sitting here with a pizza.  They suffered deprivation, hardship and fear.  We think today about those who suffered unto death.  They were wounded.  They were changed by what they saw, experienced and did.

There was a time when no one was as fortunate as I am now.  Everyone knew people who died.

Still people enter our armed forces with the memory of those who have gone before them.  They see not just the loss, but what was gained.  They see not just the suffering, but also the suffering they might be able to alleviate.

I said a prayer today at 11 am.  A prayer for the souls of those who never came home.  A prayer for those who did.  A prayer for those who are still out there.  A prayer of thanks. A prayer of sorrow.


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