Happy Thanksgiving

As I write this Casey is lying unconscious through the commercial break.

I wasted an entire weekend watching HBO shows.  Treme rocks.  That was good tv.

Otherwise I made a list, visited a Dr., learned some SQL, and bought a new board game.  I didn’t even finish those things that needed to be done Friday.  I’ll be working on my list all week.  Nuts I say.

We had steak for Thanksgiving dinner tonight.  I was good steak.  My Mom was happy as the steak took much less time to prepare and clean up.  Actually Tim did the steaks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Take care.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Craig says:

    I ate turkey until I started sweating gravy!
    It actually took 3 plates to sample every dish on Grandma’s table.

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