Mindmap – Fill it Up

So I’ve got an idea for an inspirational speech.  “Fill it Up.  There is always room for more.”  But only that germ.  I need to develop it.  2 or three points with about 2 supporting details each.  I like stories and descriptions so I’d like my support to take that form.

I also need a hook – story, quote, question, provocative statement with which to start.  I need a clear statement of purpose.  I need a personal attachment.  This is tricky since the concept is a bit different than the way I actually live – I’m more of a thinker than a doer.  So maybe the approach will rely on contrasts.

I also like funny.  Ironic twist -> but it means I need to spend part of my time misleading the audience (dangerous tack).

So what follows is a brainstorm session.  A mindmap – normally I do these on a piece of paper an the map grows visually, but I’m doing it here.  To do the map you write a central idea and then brainstorm ideas to surround it.  Then for each of those ideas your brainstorm around them.  Three to five levels will provide way more information than is needed.

Fill it up -> central idea

Who, what (lots of whats below) ,why, where, when, how

more relationships, love, faith, fun, responsibility, stress, worries, time, optimism/hope, charity, learning

stuff: full house, cars, electronics, tools

body: bladder, stomach (all you can eat buffet), head (ideas), full of BS

water: pool/reservoir (flow vs. overflow), sink

avoid jar of rocks/sand metaphor (cliche, familiarity) – what are the differences from my idea,  jar has max vs. no max, order of filling vs. always able to make better choices.  jar is a nice visual metaphor though…equivalent for my argument?

gluttony vs. temperance -> good and evil, read Chesterton’s view of excess <- might be a distraction from the throughline, “Good, bad.  I’m the guy with the gun.”

“too much of a good thing” <- obvious counter argument

“There’s always room for Jello!”

work-life balance

examples – wikipedia, time for crap like television

why – good – able to fill with good stuff, able to replace other stuff.  Really good stuff has no upper cap.  Time/Space can be made (made bad word)

why – bad – obviously a false idea – too much causes fat, complacency or addiction, time and space available are finite

stories – the impetus for the idea was Mom telling me she had to find room for Dad’s food in their condo.  Not a good idea since it isn’t my story

while unemployed my days were still full, learning or job hunting, but not as full as when working

concept that no matter the size of your home you’ll eventually fill it or you’ll fill up your free time or no matter how much money you’ll be able to spend it  <- sort of the core idea.  The choice is what do you fill that up with?

stories – I gather stuff – games, comics  <- can’t see how it fits theme

Need a story and a hook still – will put this away and come back to it when it comes to me….


6 thoughts on “Mindmap – Fill it Up

  1. Mythi says:

    You can still give us a visual mind map. Go ahead! Grab a piece of paper and start converting this! Then, scan and upload it. Or use Paint (or whatever basic graphics program is on a Mac), and then upload it.

    I like neat and tidy computer type, too, but a mind map doesn’t look right without clouds and squiggly lines. 🙂

    Or perhaps you need multiple levels of nesting bullet points for increased legibility. It got to a level of ridiculous for me when I had to submit drafts for English class:

    A. -> I. -> 1. -> a. -> i. -> uhh… *

    I think of the show “Hoarders” when I think of people gathering stuff. I am a fan of Jello, though, and agree that there’s always room for that.

    • Worrying about the formatting would defeat the purpose of a brainstorming exercise and I’m too lazy to tighten up formatting after. If I do another, I’ll it it on paper and scan it, but. fair warning, my writing is nigh illegible.

      I’ve never seen Hoarders. It might be on one of those fancy cable channels I don’t get.

      • Mythi says:

        Oh, yes, when you first start out, just throw out whatever you got on whatever is handy. When presenting your ideas to others not part of your original brainstorming session, formatting helps them better understand your tornado of thoughts. 🙂

        Plus, you can make a certain gal (or two) giggle.

        Hoarders: there’s only so much space in which you may place stuff before it becomes a fire hazard or cited by city bylaw officials.

        Who could make a better use of “stuff”? Can they (e.g. charities) get too much stuff?

  2. Dano says:

    idea – this blog about filling it up, everyone can post, we will never fill the internet (kind of a meta-filling it up.)

  3. Suellen says:

    How about change? Some of us love it, others hate it but we all need it. You can surely think of an example for yourself. Then there’s always the sense that your life is full only to find out no it really isn’t or conversely that you needed to appreciate what fills it more.

    Every time I think of mind maps, I think cartoon thought bubbles. It makes me giggle.

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