Celebrity bad?

So I’ve got two ideas of things to write about tonight, but they should both be short so I might do them both.

I’ve heard people complaining about James Cameron’s visit to the province.  Many the complaints fall into two categories I don’t think are particularly valid.

First I’ve heard, “Who the $*%& cares?  He’s just a celebrity.  What does he know about the environment?”  Now I know very little about the environment and more to the point I have no idea how much or how little James Cameron knows.  I do think that just assuming he is a moron is a mistake.  Before offering an opinion, I hope that he has had some education in the subject and his visit itself shows that he is willing to take a first hand look rather than just read biased reports from a distance.

Second I’ve heard, “Why does he get a sit down with the Premier?  I bet real experts don’t get the same access!”  Really?  I bet the Premier has met with real experts.  I bet he even takes some with him when he travels to the States or where ever promoting the oilsands.  Futhermore, I think that they can both talk at the same level.  If a real scientist speaks with the Premier or writes a report for him, it will have to be simplified.  So both Cameron and Stelmach are concerned amateurs in the science.  Additionally, they will both understand the publicity/political related impacts.  I would think there is lots of commonality to make it a useful meeting.  Finally, like it or love it, the opinions of celebrities carry weight.  Swaying one opinion might result in swaying thousands of others…

I don’t have to be happy about the Cult of Celebrity we live in.  I don’t think the visit deserved being the top news story for three days in a row.       But if I’m going to express disdain about Cameron’s visit it would be due to disagreeing with his statements nad opinions – not dismissing them out of hand.

Unfortunately, I don’t care enough about his visit to find out what those statements really are.


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