Weekly Recap

I ate at Club 100 on Wednesday.  I am a big fan.  Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese sandwich.  Tell me that doesn’t sound good.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  It was good, but not as good as the soup that day – a Louisiana Chowder.  Really.  It was better than it sounds and it sound delicious to me.  I had trouble concentrating on the job offer I was kinda recieving.

I turned down the job.  I ain’t really give any details.  But it was only a prospect.  A chance at a job that may or may not exist.

There was soup later that week too.  Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper.  For some reason my nose started to bleed as I finished the bowl.  I was dining with Mom and she was convinced that my blood pressure was up and I could stroke out at any moment.  But I tested the BP when I got home and it was fine.

I caught the premieres of Chuck, Big Bang, and the Mentalist.  I wasn’t thrilled with any of them.  Did anyone catch one worth talking about?

Tuesday teaching.  There was good stuff that night.  9 Speeches.  13 Table Topics.  I gave a speech on vocal variety.  It was brilliant.  As I spoke I saw the pharmacists-in-training light up.  They were realizing the magnitude of the lessons they were receiving and how it would enable them to fill prescriptions with the same skill Taylor Hall plays hockey.    They wept, they cheered, they hoisted me up above their heads (they are a very strong class) and carried me around the room.

On Friday, Rob, Dano and Dave all tried to crowd into my washroom at the same time.  This a little after Dan announced on Facebook that he was now officially a pirate.  (When he showed up it was sans parrot though.)  What followed my have been the most successful plumbing to which I have ever been witness.  What is really amazing is that when they asked for a wrench and I responded that I only had pliers and wrench was found in my tool drawer anyway.  Strange.  I examined the wrench after the work was done and it wasn’t actually mine.  Someone is sneaking tools into my house.

I was under the weather on Thursday and missed my first day of work.  I’ve only worked 13 days now.  I’m not happy with the average.  Oddly enough that was also due to plumbing problems.  I returned to work the next day and was met without fanfare.  🙂

I think that is all I have this week.  Take care.  Watch out for rogue piranha’s.  Those are the most dangerous kind and can be found in any body of water including the bottle kind.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Stef says:

    I watched Hawaii 5-0 and was pleasantly surprised. Sure, it’s just a cop show. But some effort has gone into the action sequences, characters, and even dialogue. Quite a bit of effort has gone into production value and coolness factor.

  2. Brandi says:

    Stef, I also checked out Hawaii 5-0 and quite enjoyed it. Not that you guys would care but Dano looks very similar to Bradley Cooper which always helps when trying to attract the female audience! 😉

    • And Grace Park looks like a Cylon! There aren’t enough hot, surfer Cylons.

      • David Silvestri says:

        watched the pilot last night… a couple of points:

        1) breaks from the csi mold of tv cop shows of recent years… so it feels “fresh”
        2) has me worried that it has an over arching storyline that makes me think if I miss an episode I might be in trouble (i.e. Lost… but not to that extreme).
        3) Still a great (if not the greatest) opening soundtrack. (Note: if you youtube the opening and compare to the original, they put a lot of the same kinds of shots in the opening as well. Also Note, there was a never launched Pilot in 1998 starring Gary Busey… hmm).
        4) The ending was umm… predictable. Didn’t like that.

        enough that I may watch, but I think I’ve already missed the second episode.


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