Weekly Recap

This should be short.  I’ve started to get into a work groove a bit, but it means that I’m not doing much other than work.

So work.  I’m not doing much of that yet.  Still mostly just learning.  I started to get access to the systems this week and I’ve had a couple assignments.  Thursday I spent the day working on something and failing to get it done.  It was a pretty great day.  I say the non-ironically.  I learned a metric ton about a new tool.  I learned where the edges of my knowledge were.  I made iterative improvements in what I was trying.  By the end of the day I reached a barrier that I couldn’t get by as the product and my access aren’t quite working in the test environment.

I’m pretty worried about the weather turning so early this year (although a snow flurry in September sometime is fairly common) as I don’t have an option other than driving in place for getting to work yet.  But it will come together.  In other bad news my office chair is uncomfortable.  Next week a goal will be to try and scavenge one that is better.

The other big activity is the Pharmacy Speechcraft.  The weird attendance issues were all worked out and the Tuesday session went great.  I have 13 students in the class.  7 gave speeches on Tuesday.  They ranged from good to pretty darned good.  My favorite is for selfish reasons – one lady listed 5 things she adores and Irish Whiskey was the second item on her list.  Nifty!   I think it might be the only speech we get about whiskey this year.

Gaming on Friday was a no go, but it looks like if I was more on the ball something could have been hammered together at the last minute.  Sorry – I basically unplugged from the world when I got home Friday night and didn’t really check in again until this morning.

I went to bed around 8 on Thursday night and at 9 on Friday and Saturday.  That caught me up on my sleep.

Oddly the clock in my living room is wrong by exactly an hour.  I don’t know how that happened, but it is playing havok with my time sense.

I had a list of items to take care of this week.  I’m reviewing the list after I finishing this post, but I don’t think many of them were done.  Quite possibly only the top two most urgent things.

Socially there were two notable outings.  I met a group of folks for lunch at Sorrentino’s on Tuesday.  The mayor was also there, but didn’t join us.  it was nice to see Suellen, Pete, Jon and Matt.  The next evening there was a dinner out at the Sicillian Pasta Kitchen.  there was a little group overlap at Suellen, Jon and I were there again.  We were joined by Tim and Doug.  It was pretty good.  By the time Tim left that evening I was exhausted.

Anyway, I was pretty lucky to see everyone I did.

I think that covers most everything.  I’ll try and get at least one post up during the week this week.  🙂


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