Weekly Recap

So my blog is suffering for the new job.  Here is what I will try to do in future.  Three post on the weekend – one this recap, one anecdote or something and one essay thing.  During the week I will post as I can, but not necessarily everyday.

My week was about the new job.  Four days of “work” so far.  I quote the words because I haven’t done anything yet.  I’ve attended some meeting, but left with no action items.  I’ve received some training.  I got setup at the office.  What I’ve done most is read in order to learn.  I’ve read the product overview, the product architecture, the staffing guide, the glossary (only 1/4 actually), a security course, the encryption guidebook, portions of the installation and configuration book and about a quarter of the operations guide.  I’ve mixed it up with some internet research on the supporting protocols and concepts: FTTC, GPON, MPEG2-TS, RTP, etc.

Next week looks to be some more of the same.  I will get ids to allow access onto the pre-prod and prod systems so I’ll get to poke around as well.  I do have an assignment for tomorrow morning – some validation of an XML config file vs. the spreadsheet inventory.  I’m quite looking forward to that.

The best compliment I got was when told that I was progressing faster than they anticipated because I was asking the right questions.  The worst part is that when something happens (or goes wrong) no one comes looking for my input.  Not that I expect that since I couldn’t help anyway, but I look forward to being able to do so.

I also started the Pharmacy Speechcraft yesterday.  My class seems very bright and enthusiastic.  I acted the bumbling professor.  Hopefully I’ll pull it together for the next class on Tuesday – there I’ll be more the Indiana Jones type professor.

Gaming on Friday was nifty.  I still like the new D&D game although it was not a challenge at all and a longer wait between turns means that playing with five isn’t quite as fun as playing with three.  After we made characters – mine if very cool – or might be.  We’ll see when I get a chance to play him.

The rest of the week was uneventful.   Comics and hanging with Tim.  Dave popped over once.  Mom came over today and stole a chair – I seem to hand them over to family members.

I’ve been reading Brandon Sanderson.  I’m on his newest novel now and that will complete his works except for some YA novels he has written.  He is not the greatest author, but he satisfies my craving for epic fantasy and always creates very imaginative magic systems in his work.  I finished the final book in his Mistborn trilogy and read Warbreaker as well this week.  Any remnants of time have been spent reading up some new RPG systems just for general interest.

Wow – nothing too earth shattering or novel there.  Hopefully work and the speechcraft should garner a few more moderately interesting tales.


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