Day One – Nothing but roses

Highlights include:

Met Matty in the lobby.  Matt looks good. That SOG is heading to watch the 2nd last shuttle launch this fall.  How cool is that?

I was able to get out of my office chair without trouble.  That was the last thing I haven’t tested since I hurt my knee in July.  (My knee is near 100% BTW).

The office was empty when I arrived.  It looks ilke office hours are pretty variable.  Most of my team (or lots of) doesn’t come in until much later.

My office was empty too when I arrived.  Not even a chair.  But everything arrived throughout the morning.  Only minor items missing now.

Our break room rocks!  Way neat.

I got to tend my first work meeting in months and months.  It was great – filled with TLA word soup that I can’t follow yet.


My office has glass walls and is on the corner.

I only received about 5 e-mails today.  It hardly feels like work.


4 thoughts on “Day One – Nothing but roses

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Good to hear the first day was good… some comments:

    1) not enough detail. What’s so cool about the break room?

    2) You have a corner office?

    3) Get used to a normal (i.e. non SA) amount of e-mail. It’s a good thing. (But it will be more than 5… but less than 200 a day).

    4) What hours are you working? Your “I’m home update on Facebook” was at 7 pm it looked like.


    • 1) Foosball table, big screen tv, pool table, vending machines, water cooler, soup. No booze like someplaces.

      2) No. I’m at the junction of two cube hallways – an inside corner. Lots of traffic and the glass walls don’t make it easy to ignore folks.

      3) I got more today. Not many more, but more.

      4) 8 – 4:30. I worked late yesterday, it took until after 6 to drive home through traffic and then my internet was broken from the maids. Then I posted.

  2. Brandi says:

    You’re complaining about a corner office? Usually the really important people get those (senior partners at our place). Guess they really like you 😉

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