Weekly Recap

Hi again!  These are my last hours before I am again a working man.  Dad mentioned it is fitting that I start work again right after Labour Day.  Hopefully it will be engaging enough to wipe the memory of the horrible loss to Calgary this afternoon.

This week has been about chores.  I have two more I need to get done this evening after finishing this blog (tidy garbage in kitchen, cancel auto-notifies from jobsites).  I started Monday off with making a big list of things that I should do.  I’ve been pretty good at working on the list.  But not excellent.  I have 5 more things that should have been done this weekend and 6 that should have been done during the week.  The only big one left unfinished is figuring out parking downtown.  I figure I’ll need to use DATS in the winter so I planned on applying this week, but my Doctor was on holiday so I wasn’t able to get the forms I needed filled out.  The rest of the items are smaller things.

The big item I did accomplish was shopping.  I went clothes shopping and business item shopping and grocery shopping.  I also now have a financial planner.  The remnants of my severance money is all invested in funds that are now sure to lose money.  The other thing I did was gradually start setting my alarm back by 30 minutes a day to acclimatize to getting up early.  This worked fine until today and yesterday when I just couldn’t get up when it went off.  Hopefully tomorrow isn’t too much of a shock.  I plan on an early bed time.

Unchore like items were going to Mark’s farewell drinkup (Yay Mark),  my last Friday lunch with the guys, a chat with Brandi on Wednesday and Troy (briefly) and Dave on Thursday and visiting my folks today.  I’m like a little social butterfly.  Of course there were also comics with Tim on Wednesday and with them a new boardgame.  Tim and Rob came over and we played the same scenario three times until we finally beat it.  The game is Castle Ravenloft.  I worry there isn’t quite enough variety on the fodder monsters, but the bones of the game were really fun to play.

The rest of my time was spent reading novels by Brandon Sanderson and watching the last of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

A smart fellow would have left the for tomorrow when I could talk about my new job, but I’m just not that bright.



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