Geeky Poll

So there is this geek poll at geek survey Lots of people have done it already.  I’m quite upset that I know of at least three people who have beat my score.  I’m working to increase it.


15 thoughts on “Geeky Poll

  1. Dano says:

    Very proudly sub 25%. In fact only a 21.7% I was worried I’d get higher. Only a really big looser would want to score high on this test. 🙂

  2. David Silvestri says:

    Whoops… voted wrong… thought my score was 24.2, but was actually 26.2… please fix.

    Who the heck scored more than 50%? Must be Tim.

  3. Robin Turcotte says:

    I’m at 34.5% I guess its all those scifi shows I watch, cause I still don’t see how I beat Dave he is so much geeker then I 🙂

  4. Nobody wants to be higher than Dave. Odd.

  5. Robin Turcotte says:

    Really Dave I’m just bugging you cause it’s so much fun!! I’m actually sad that I’m not closer to Todd’s score. 🙂

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