Weekly Recap

Right, so.  A day late and 5 quid short I always say.  Or maybe I have just started saying that.

Bunches happening this past week.  I’ve mentioned most of it here.  Some is new though…  let’s see

  1. Uncle’s Lionel passed away.  I’ve spoke of that.
  2. Rob had a birthday.  He is older now and finally wiser than I.  Soon he may be wiser than a turnip.
  3. Plus Rob’s purchased Dominion.  That is nifty.  I like Dominion.  Good game.  We’ve played quite a lot of that lately.  At times I even win.
  4. I got a start date.  I was coy on FB, but the date is Sept. 7th.
  5. Comics were pretty awesome this week.  Plus I read a bunch of Dave’s from the last few weeks.  They were pretty awesome too.
  6. The new Dark Sun campaign setting came out.  I like the books.
  7. I broke a glass and replaced some lightbulbs.  I had help along the way.  Big adventure.
  8. Mark is quitting GoA.  Good luck Mark!
  9. Saw the Expendables.  Highly recommend – that is to say it is exactly what it looks like it is.  Avoid it if you think that looks stupid – it is plenty stupid.  But if you think it looks like fun – it is plenty fun.
  10. Finally Dad’s go into hospital today.  Minor surgery happens on Wednesday.   Nothing to worry about if you hadn’t heard.
  11. Bought a season of Doctor Who.  I am quite entranced.  I will now return to watching it.  (After a quick bio break.)

Stay in touch.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Missed Troy starting his new job in the list above. Go Troy!

  2. Deflator Mouse! says:

    Missed going to someone’s place for dinner, for the second time… but hey who’s counting!

    • I can only think of the one time and I had a good excuse for Saturday…

      Tick reference in name. Call me a gunky in the e-mil addy. Not sure who it is.

      I was invited out to two places on Saturday night. So that is a wide pool. Only one was for dinner though. Still everyone at that dinner has posted before using a real name. Why an alias now. Very tricky.

      Course I haven’t checked the messages on my machine for several days. Maybe there is a third recent invitation. Seems unlikely though.

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