Comics Recap

This will be fun!  a nice size of comics from this week only.  There were some cool ones in here too.

Welcome to Tranquility #2 – A welcome return for this series. The first Welcome to Tranquility series may be my favorite that Simone has ever done.  Fun!

Doc Savage #5 – Maybe I should drop this.  It was a decent issue, but I don’t see what the hook is.

Northlanders: Metal #31 – This is a harsh and brutal issue.  Those are some mean and crazy vikings.

Ultimate Spidey #13 – Things go badly for Spidey.  Poor Spidey.  The only flaws were that Spidey seems to be a bit arbitrarily weak and evil Spidey gets some convenient benefits from MGH.  I really liked the Jameson scene and the end with Aunt May is a classic waiting to be recognized.

Daytripper #9 – Now I need to dig out all the previous Daytripper issues.  I think I still might be missing a few of them.  The previous 8 issues have all been stand alone dramas about Bras, but this one starts to incorporate them all together.  It might have been a bit on the nose when it explained why all the previous issues have been about death.  Nice, nice, nice.

The Unwritten #16 – The climax of the story arc and the culmination of plot threads accumulating since issue #1.  My favorite of the new Vertigo series and this issue is a good example of why.  Yay.

Thanos Imperative #3 – Thanos get to be a big, bad guy in this issue.  The best bit is having Drax point out over and over that Thanos will turn on them knowing that he is entirely right.  We also got to see the formation of the ‘Cosmic Avengers’.  Tell me it doesn’t give you a bit of a chill to see the Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Nova, Ronan and Gladiator all on the same team.  OK, maybe only me.  But it sure works for me.

Daredevil #509 – I still have serious misgivings about the whole Shadowland storyline, but both episodes this week were solid.  Some nice Ninja vs. Superhero action.  I was happy.

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets – Silver Sable, Shroud, Paladin, and Misty Knight – the teamup no one was asking for.  Often when that is the case you get a really solid story.  The author can just go his own way.  This had the vibe I wish had been in Daredevil for the past couple years…

Iron Man #29 – Rescue returns.  I really liked Rescue so I’m glad she is back.  The rest of the Iron Man plots trundle along happily in the background.  I’m not sure that any writer has ever written a better Stark.

Birds of Prey #4 – In which many plot threads occur which rely on items from issues #2 and #3 which I haven’t read.  Nice fight scenes?  I think I like this book.  Next issue will be better.  I’ll be in on the ground floor.


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