Weekly Recap

Week Two of Vacation basically.  In short I did nothing.

I’m not sure when I start working.  It won’t be tomorrow morning.  I’m signing the minute book tomorrow.  That is the next step in getting incorporated.  After that is done I still need a bank account and a GST number.  Those should both be pretty simple.  That isn’t what is holding things up though.  We need the start date confirmed to generate the contract.  Vacations at Telus are wreaking havoc with getting the date.  I anticipate that it should be early next week though.

Comics were big again this week, but I slacked off on the blog a bit and didn’t put up a recap.  I also didn’t review any for Comixtreme as the only three I received for this week were already done by others before I had a chance.

The highlight of the week was the Van Morrison show on Wednesday.  Thanks to Mom for the tickets.  I put up a review on Robert’s blog for the folk fest at efmf.wordpress.com.  So Tim came into the disabled area with me as an attendant – mostly company, but apparently ticket should be free for one attendant.  Additionally Mom should have gotten her ticket for free as a senior, but she bought three.  So extra thanks for buying what amounts to a REALLY expensive ticket for me.

One thing I didn’t put up on the other blog was a quirk of the opening act performer.  Bobby “Blues” Bland is a 74 year old blues singer.  His voice isn’t what it once was, but he still knew how to sing a song.  But when your rock’n’roll/blues guttural growls start coming out phlegmy it should probably be removed from your repertoire.

I read books this week.  I finished three books by Brandon Sanderson (interesting, but nothing wow).  I read a third of the new short story anthology edited by Neil Gaiman (disappointing, but maybe worth a review when I finish).  I’m two thirds of the way through Orthodoxy by Chesterton (definitely worth a review when I finish).

GenCon was this weekend.  The IndieRPG and the Ennie awards were both handed out.  Interesting mostly in how WoTC is locked out of the Ennie’s.  But that might just show a voter bias.  At the show WoTC did announce their plans for next year.  I haven’t found a good recounting of the panel yet.  I’m not sure if this link will work without folks signing into the D&D site.  Here The new campaign looks to be Ravenloft.  No new PHB, DMG or MMs announced – that is interesting.  There are several Player’s Option books, but not enough details on what they are about to get me excited yet.

I also bought a few games.  Eclipse Phase, Fiasco and Hero 6th Edition were all either nominees or winners from the games above.  Fiasco was a great system, but probably no good for our group.  Hero doesn’t seem much changed from when I last played it more hat 20 years ago.  I’m not far enough into Eclipse Phase yet to make a judgment call.

My knee is doing much better.  It is not 100% yet.  It stiffens up overnight.  Pushing it doesn’t seem to worsen it.  I’ve got four things I either haven’t trusted it to support yet or that it still hurts to do.    We’ll try each of those this week…

In other good news they finished the concrete out front so I can have visitors again.  I celebrated with pizza delivery!

Many folks were still on vacation this week.  From their FB entries it sounds like they are having fun.  That is pretty cool.

Played Dominion with Rob and Tim on Friday night.  6 games ended with two wins apiece.  The final game had five attack cards out, but only secret chamber as a defense.  It was a tricky and vicious game.  We actually had a good mix of cards in each game to make the tactics very different game to game.  It was fun.

Finally I found a liquor store I like because it has a fine selection of scotches.  I’ve never been in a store that offers all 8 Islay scotches all the time.  That was neat.  The coolest was called “The Spirit that dares not speak its name” because it is a scotch that doesn’t quite adhere to the requirements to officially be called a scotch.  I didn’t buy it because i was worried it might be dodgy, but I just liked the concept.

Looking forward to this week.  The job should start (I hope!), my knee will continue to get better and the maids should come on Tuesday.  Since we missed the last appt. I’ve been living in a dive.



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