Appendix: Addenda and Apocrypha

So I want to talk about my last couple post again.  Instead of contributing to the comments I am just making another post.  This keeps me from having to come up with something new for today.  So the two previous posts are the Apple vs. Microsoft one and the Guitar Camp one.

Apple vs. Microsoft

I am pretty happy with the way that essay turned out.  But I did forget to make a number of points that I had wanted to.

First, I joked about loving the packaging for the Apple products, but it wasn’t just a joke.  I am a fairly major Apple fanboy.  If presented with two products doing approximately the same thing I’ll go with the Apple even at the higher price point.  So far they haven’t let me down and my iPhone 3 GS is easily the best cell phone I’ve ever owned.

Second, I didn’t do a very good job defending Microsoft.  It seemed like a damning with faint praise part of the argument.  Here is one thing I really like about them – their corporate IT support.  Apple has the best consumer support I know of in their Apple stored, but as an IT professional I hate calling vendor support for any company except Microsoft.  It isn’t always perfect, but it is a darn sight better than any other vendor I’ve dealt with.  Add other benefits of a premier contract and I’m pretty happy there.  (And I’m not just saying that because I think I was pretty close to becoming a TAM.)

Third, I had meant to make an argument about selection criteria for products.  I meant to talk about price and quality and to contrast it with the marketing.  Basically my original idea was that the theme of the piece was that there are rational reasons to choose either Microsoft or Apple products and an all for one approach just blinds you to opportunities.  it turns out that wasn’t the essay I wrote though.  Funny what happens when you actually sit down to write.

Guitar Camp

I talked about Guitar Camp but I never told any real guitar camp anecdotes.  Here is one.

While there was some daily prayer there wasn’t a priest directly attached to the camp.  Rather since the camp ended on a Sunday one of the activities was to provide the music for the Fairview parish which was near the camp location.  Now my Peace River parish had a rotating crew of people in the music ministry.  Sometimes it was organ music, sometimes a small choir did mostly a cappella leading and sometimes we had a little band with a couple of guitars and/or a banjo leading the music.

it seemed to me that Fairview was a bit more traditional and relied mostly on their organist to accompany the music leader.  (This might be a false recollection to make the story sound better.)  So bringing in 5-6 guitarists and 30 folks to sign backup was a big change.    So that was the first year.  The second year we brought something else too.  One of the camp members played the drums in addition to the guitar and had brought his whole drum kit to the guitar camp.  There were also some electric guitars among the group.

It took some convincing of the priest that year.  I’m not sure how the head nun of the camp talked him into it, but I know that it wasn’t a sure thing.  Somehow the drum kit and guitar and amp were brought into the mass as well.  When we played the music for that mass we were the rockin’est group to ever sing a hymn that I had heard.  I’ve since seen some other parishes with a similar setup, but I remember how cool I thought it was the first time and that I was a part of it.

I should also mention that my Mom has a sound recording of us from the first year.  She is willing to sell it off to someone to embarrass me or Robin if y’all want it.  i sing Michael Row Your Boat Ashore a cappella with a choir doing harmony on every second verse.  My first verse is my best.  The second I start off with wobble, but recover OK.  The third ends disastrously for some reason as I lose the pitch entirely.  The choir sounds nice.  Other than it being too slow it isn’t all horrible.  Robin sings Jingle Bells.  He also does OK, but really seems to lack confidence.


2 thoughts on “Appendix: Addenda and Apocrypha

  1. Robin Turcotte says:

    I did lack Confidence. never mind that this is in front of a crowd ( way out of my comfort zone) I can’t carry a tune unless I’ve got someone singing in my ear. Even then its iffy. 🙂

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