Weekly Recap

Let’s cover off the big things.  At least they are big from where I sit.  From where you sit they might appear smaller; like a microscope slide appears when the lens in flipped over the wrong way.

I had Edo today and it was delicious.  I did bumble a social opportunity when the cashier asked me what I was reading.  It was an unexpected question asked as she looked curiously at my Kindle.  “Books,” I said for I am the soul of anti-wit.  We were back on safer ground again when she asked about the weather and how my weekend was progressing.

For the record I have three books on the go on the Kindle:.  Stories, a new fantasy anthology; Orthodoxy, by Chesterton; Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson.  Or I did when I was in Edo.  I’ve since finished Elantris.

I won’t be starting work on Tuesday after all.  Sigh.  No big problem.  The gradual grind of paperwork is just moving along.  My recruiter sent the results of my crminal record check out on Thursday, but it vanished in the ether before reaching me.  He called at noon on Friday to ask why I wasn’t in motion.  I said, “Huh?”  for I am the soul of anti-wit.  But realizing that it was my turn to ask again I launched into motion.  By launched I mean I made a single phone call and found out the accountant it out of the office until Tuesday.  So we will begin to get incorporated then.

For those wondering, if I have ever committed any crimes they have either gone undiscovered or have been expunged from the record.  Personally, I believe that I have never committed any, but my opinion should be scrutinized carefully as I am a biased observer.

Regardless, Telus has asked that the date of my beginning be moved an extra week.

Having a job, I stopped doing most anything this week.  I watched some truly horrendous movies.  I did not study.  I did not submit any resumes.  My firmest resolve was to spend as much time as possible not standing on my knee or submitting it to any pressures that might be painful.  I did exactly that.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that any such positions also tend to be uncomfortable and put my foot to sleep.

My routine (if lack of any action can be called routine) has had the desired effect and my knee is doing much better.  Thank you very much.  It was healing quickly on Sunday and Monday, but then it slowed right down.  The improvements each day are small, but still measurable.  Soon I will be dancing again.  Or at least swaying side to side rhythmically.

The highlight this week were the dinners.  Tuesday at the Peterson’s was the nicest surprise.  Wednesday with Tim, Craig and Suellen was equally enjoyable.

The weekend is very quiet.  Most of the gang from last weekend have moved onto the ‘let’s go out of town with the family’ stage of their holidays.  Fortunately I have some books.  Actually, this week and weekend has been almost exactly how I’d spend a normal holiday anyway.  I feel quite relaxed and happy.

I did go to the bank of Friday.  I had a list of six items to accomplish.  Two were completed successfully.  The other four were postponed to a later date.  Not a great average.

Next week should be much like this one.  I need to get incorporated and stuff.  Otherwise the clothes shopping trip I’ve been postponing for 6 months might happen.

My air conditioner reservoir filled up on Friday night.  Fortunately I didn’t need it last night.  But tonight it looks likely.  So that will be one final challenge for this evening.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Paul Corrigan says:

    Reading Orthodoxy… you da man Todd.

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