This and that, but not the other thing

Items of greatness to be covered below – today, Telus and Comicon.

I had zombie dreams last night. I hate zombie dreams. But I slept late regardless. I slept long past the hour my maids were supposed to show at 8 am. They didn’t show because I had canceled them. I had them canceled because the front stoop of my building is torn apart and access is verboten. (Hmm – the spell check is happy with verboten.) Now I must live for the next two weeks in one of Dante’s Hell layers. The one reserved for slovenly and lazy people. Note this is also impacting my pizza delivery. Grr.

When I finally awoke I was displeased to discover that my knee hurt. It hurt worse than when I had gone to bed. It might have hurt worse than all of Monday. But it turned out that it was jut stiff from sleep. It is pretty great now. By mid-afternoon I thought it might be solid enough to try exiting my shower.

Getting into the shower is easy. Showering takes a bit of caution. Getting out is tricky. One foot must be left on the slippery shower floor while the other one navigates the mat outside. Of course, my routine is that it is the leg with the tricky knee to stay inside. I cleverly posted on Facebook just before I went in. Should I fall and die I’m sure someone would have checked on me within three hours. Unfortunately for the glory of my would be rescuers I was fine.

The other order of business today came with an unexpected benefit. I needed to fill out the paperwork for my security check. Unlike the GoA, Telus does the check on your behalf. I was only required to scan two pieces of ID, fill out two forms with signatures, and get my photo. The forms give Telus permission to poke around in my life. They may find this blog! That requires only a Google search of my name though – not any permission.

They asked redundant questions like “How long have you lived at your current residence? (10 years, 7 months)” and “Have you live in Canada more that 3 years?”. Not redundant for everyone, but for me getting the 2nd one wrong would have meant a rather costly move of the condo complex!

The photo was the trickiest. There were many requirements and I decided I likely couldn’t meet them all taking a photo of myself. I put out the call for help and Troy answered.

The benefit was that I also managed to wrangle an invitation to dinner out of it. We had very nice grilled chicken and vegetables, sweet potato fries and expensive beer. Bonus! The kids were also very adorable I thought. We then had a three player game of Carcassonne. You will likely not guess the result…

It appears I am not giving up my bear any time soon. Even Gabriel had pity on me and Eunice thought my play was so lousy she was offering help.

So Telus. Here is what I know: not much. I’ll be working in the Telus Optik production team. Optik is their IPTV service that is heavily advertised on TV. I wrote a post about my tour of the facilities that week – scroll through looking for something with “chickens” in the title. The next step is that I need to review the contract and get incorporated. Fortunately Dave and Craig have given me a large selection of company names to choose from. I was thinking of Hidden Rabbit IT Solutions Ltd., but Crooked Dyck Inc. is probably much better.

I will probably not be able to get you a break on your Telus bill. Sorry. Since I am also not in the call centre, I probably can’t help you with you service calls either. But I am sure I’ll help to make the Telus TV service just awesome! Gimme 7.5 days to learn the ropes. Knowing I will be there, I heartily recommend you all switch for your TV package.

Finally the San Diego Comicon. It happens every year during the guys weekend, so I miss all the press coverage. If I was able, I’d sit and watch it much like many of you sit and watch hockey drafts. Not a big deal this year because there was essentially no news. The movie studios have taken over the show and it is far more about promoting the next big movie than comics. I only have one announcement about comics worth talking about. The big publishers are saving their better announcements for other comic shows where they will at least be the focus.

That announcement is that Marvel might start publishing some Crossgen titles. See Disney purchased Crossgen when it went bankrupt. Last year Disney also purchased Marvel. I’d love to see some more Way of the Rat, Ruse or Sojourn.

There was one big of movie news I liked too. They announced the full Avengers movie lineup. The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). I approve. I like all the actors except Chris Hemsworth whom I don’t know. I am a big fan of Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson.

Bigger news is the confirmation that Joss Whedon of Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity fame will be directing. Yay! It was not really news so much as rumour confirmation, but it still makes me enthused.

And that is all the news that is fit to print and some that isn’t as well.

Good night!


8 thoughts on “This and that, but not the other thing

  1. David Silvestri says:

    More Way of the Rat… it was great.

    Craig and I can come up with more names… how about something that reflects your board game ability?

    Don’t know Mark Ruffalo (??)… I like Edward Norton as Banner… too bad him and Marvel didn’t get along…

    • Edward Norton is the stronger actor no doubt. He was way more range than Ruffalo has shown. But I like Ruffalo. I first saw him in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and he was the best thing about that movie. My favorite show with him is the Brothers Bloom.

  2. Dano says:

    I know, lets switch Hulks twice throughout the movie. . .

    Maybe Hulk is just a dead end and needs to be ignored by film-land.

  3. Matthew O says:

    Really?…. really?…

    Crooked Dyck, Hidden Rabbit?…. sounds like a cheap porno knockoff of a cult classic film….

    BTW… if you are going through all the moves with Telus… yer hired… Hope to see ya downstairs sometime… I assume you will be in the same building as me…

  4. Troy says:

    Maybe I can line it up so you play Gabriel and Sarah next time…

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