Nearly forgot to post something

So Friday will be our 6th guys weekend – although I might be forgetting one of them.  You may have seen the organizing note that went up.  You haven’t seen the other 200 notes we have been using to organize ourselves.  Tomorrow is the last prep day.  The pre-shopping shopping trip will happen as will the packing and any miscellaneous leftover bits.

Folks are starting to get a little excited.  Me too.  There are any number of highlights to these trips, but mostly it is about good company with friends.  Some of the neat things for this year that I am eager for include:

  • The deep fried turkey.  This was a fizzle the last time we tried it and ended up tasting a lot like Pizza.  This time the ducks are lined up.  One row of ducks = 1 deep fried turkey.
  • Dano is making McGriddles or more specifically home-made better tasting McGriddles.  Since the weekend up in Fort Mac there has always been at least one nifty meal.  This year there will be two.
  • The humility wall.  I wonder if it would be wrong to take out wagers on who will ‘win’ the humility wall?
  • Long Live the King – for two years I have been trying to hunt down this game to play at this weekend.  It takes about 3 hours and at least 9 people so the weekend gaming is the only time we will likely ever play.  One of my tasks for tomorrow is to make sure that everything is ready to play.
  • Are you the Traitor?  Another game that I’ve been hunting for for a long time.  This one I couldn’t find so I needed to create my own copy.  It is like werewolf, but plays with 4 to 10 people instead of 10 – 20.
  • Survival mode in ODST
  • Grog.   Mmmm grog.
  • An awesome cabin by the lake in which to enjoy all of the above.
  • More nigh unstopping gaming goodness.

The trips to date have been:

  1. Canmore – the first, smallest and maybe most expensive.  We holed up in a hotel room through both rain and sun.
  2. PR – Treek’s garage and basement were invaded for a weekend.  Had drop-ins from the rest of the PR crowd.
  3. Fort Mac – Included a tour of the Oil Sands that was tres cool.  Plus awesome food.
  4. I might be forgetting one here?
  5. Skeleton Lake – An awesome, incredible location.
  6. Cabin – Nigh a disaster.  Saved by the industrious efforts of several people the weekend before.  Yay!
  7. Skeleton Lake – And to here we return shortly!

7 thoughts on “Nearly forgot to post something

  1. David Silvestri says:

    You’ve forgot the one where we stayed at Robin’s place… think that was #2.

    Until I leave Friday I have this sinking feeling that Rob will be called away to work at the last minute :S

  2. Suellen says:

    Have fun guys!

  3. Dano says:

    The humility wall??? What are you talking about? Did I miss an email or something?

  4. You know I missed something from the list of awesome.

    Sunday Mass – because it is still awesome, I missed it last year, and it provides a great contrast to the rest of the list…

  5. Suellen says:

    So how was the deep fried turkey? Are we going to get a review of this year’s guys weekend?

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