Weekly Recap

I am looking forward to next week.  A second interview with Telus.  The end of the week has the getaway weekend.  Things are starting to come together.  If everything goes well I could be playing games and drinking beer while employed next weekend.

I covered a lot of last week in my post last night.  There is not too much more to say.  I did leave out supper at my parents in my list of great meals last week.  Pork Tenderloin in Mom’s signature marinade.  Nummy.  Studying is going well.  I found a free 143 part video series on ITIL v3.  I could probably take the exam within the 3 weeks in will take me to watch the series.  However, I am fairly certain i’ll be able to ace a practice exam right away once I am done.  I just finished the 35 part series on definitions.  Gah.  Fortunately we start with covering the various SMFs next.

I didn’t get much Microsoft studying done.  I crammed new MS technologies for the interview on Wednesday.  There wasn’t a single question.  But none of that helps with my MSITCP.

Other than the job hunt, I will work on tying up loose ends for the weekend next week.  For me that means locating my board games, finishing mocking up a game, renting or finding the video games, and sending out packing lists to everyone else.  Bit hurdles were passed this week when Tim made the Grog and Troy bought the one big ticket item we need.

That is that.  Good luck to everyone next week.  Now I need to think of a couple new poll questions.


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