Three Quick Things

First, I am angry.  Livid.  I spent four hours today mocking up cards in order to manufacture a game for next weekend.  Probably a bit longer since I also spent a good hour and a half on GIMP tutorials.  They may not be beautiful, but I am happy with the result.  But my printer is not printing colour again.  I think the colour cartridge is dried up.  Which sucks because it is nearly new.  I’ve purchased it since I was let go.  So the cards only have Black.  I have fourteen more cards to do (6 different cards).  I’ll save them in greyscale.

By ‘livid’ above I mean slightly put out.

Second, why is Glenfiddich the primary scotch export?  I don’t have a problem with Glenfiddich.  It is a good scotch.  It might be a beginner scotch in the sense that it is not the most complex.  But it is a strong scotch.  A brilliant aroma, a burning start and a strong finish.  Introducing people to scotch might be easier if their first experience was with a lighter scotch.  You could up the complexity even.

But what do I know.  My favorite scotches are the peaty and smoky Islays.  Especially Laguvulin and Laphroaig.  Opening a bottle can clear a room of people who don’t like scotch.

Treek bought me a new Islay yesterday and I had  Glenfiddich at the Keg for supper tonight.  That is why it is on my mind.

Third,  when did ‘No Problem’ become a substitute for “You’re Welcome”?    I’m complaining, but I have to admit that I am a culprit too.  I am not sure that last time I said “You’re Welcome.”  “You’re Welcome” acknowledges the thanks and indicates that you were happy or proud to have been helpful.  “No Problem” just dismisses the thanks.  Worse it indicates that you might not be willing to do something if it is “A Problem.”  If a person is gracious enough to proffer thanks, I think I should be gracious enough to accept it.

I do not know when “No Problem” crept into my vocabulary.   I’ve tried to excise it before, but it is hard.  It is a rote saying.  No thought goes into it.  That would likely be another strike against it.  I am going to make a conscious effort in the next few weeks to say “You are Welcome.”  Hopefully I do something deserving of thanks.


4 thoughts on “Three Quick Things

  1. Robin Turcotte says:

    if you would like those cards in color you could email me at work with the file attached and i can print it for you (us) in color. 🙂

  2. Pauly says:

    What game?

  3. Mythi says:

    I’m guilty of using “No Problem”. I thought my using “You’re Welcome” would imply that the thanker was beholden to me, that he or she was welcome to offer up the thanks. I think that I know better now and will be more inclined to use that phrase, but I didn’t like it in the past. Perhaps I’ll use “No, thank YOU” instead…with double guns maybe…and a 😉

    I’m intrigued by this game of yours.

  4. @Robin – this was done.
    @Pauly – Are you the Traitor?
    @Mythi – Note that is all just my opinionated opinion. I didn’t actually look up the dictionary term. Welcome means to me – I was pleased I could help. That bit about being happy is what makes it a nice term I think.

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