A little of this and a little of that

Well let us see.  The board game store didn’t have the board game I wanted.  Unfortunately it is actually just a set of 56 cards so I can mock them up before the weekend.  I feel cruelly disabused.  Never before has the board game store let me down.  So I’ve tried hard to get this game.  I asked the comic book store to order it for me before that July.  They never got it.  I ordered it from the Sentry Box in Calgary, but they were out of stock.  Gar.  Gar I say.

Treek is here.  I locked him in the apartment for the evening.  The front door is blocked by workmen and he doesn’t have a key to the basement.  So I took off to eat ribs and drink beer.  He napped on the couch for 4 hours.  I thought I was lazy.

We watched movies today.  No classics on the Pay-per-view this weekend.  Brooklyn’s Finest – a pretty great cast.  But they obviously were filming a The Wire wannabe.  The Wire was cynical.  Brooklyn’s Finest was mostly just depressing.  But it was mostly a well done depressing.  The music cues were overwrought though.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a second show today.  I may have loved it when I was eleven.  Which is good because it was made for eleven year olds.  Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd, Joe Pantliano, Catherine Keener and Pierce Brosnan were all wasted is this incredibly corny show.

Treek also beat me at Small World (with expansions).  Nuts.  I did play three new races though – Gypsies, White Ladies and Ivory Priestesses.  Treek got to play the Goblins who are also new.  It is still a pretty taut game even with only two players.  I really like Small World.

Last night there was more gaming.  Bang!, Cash and Guns and Caylus were all played.  I lost Bang!  I had my butt whoped in Caylus (really good game though – although we did screw up one rule) and we played four rounds of Cash and Guns.  I don’t think I won a single one.

The food has been better than average lately too.  New Asian Village on Wednesday with leftovers Thursday.  Original Joe’s on Thursday and the highlight was BBQ by Craig tonight.  I’m supposed to taunt Dave even if it sucked.  I would hate to do that.  Lie that is.  Taunting Dave is fine.  Three home made salads – all excellent.  And three kinds of meat too!  I ate only ribs.  Ribs were awesome.  Kristen has to hand me a napkin to wipe the awesome off my face.

Craig is going to bring leftovers to work on Monday to eat in front of Dave.  They are very cruel.

Tomorrow I hope to sleep in.  Mock up those cards.  My ambition may go no further.

(Where would to park going to the Telus Toll Building?  Either the Edmonton Centre Parkade or the one I parked in when at Phipps-McKinnon I guess.  But it is halfway between.)


7 thoughts on “A little of this and a little of that

  1. David Silvestri says:

    I am hereby mocked… doubly so because I couldn’t supper ready for the kids on time as it was still frozen at 5:30… lucky me I whipped out some smokies, fries and a burger for me… love the BBQ, never have to worry about frozen. 🙂

    umm… Why didn’t Pat just come over here while you were out? He could have even grabbed my comics for you?

    aw well… at least I got to see him yesterday..

    • Treek – “Maybe I’ll call Dave and see if he wants to go out for supper.”
      Me – “Probably not. He has all three kids. But you can probably go over.”
      Treek – “Maybe Tim will want to go out for supper. I’ll take a nap now.”
      5 minutes before I have to leave.
      Me – “Get up. What are you doing for supper.”
      Treek – “What does Tim want to do?”
      Man – “Maybe you should call…”
      Treek calls. Tim declines.
      Me – “So? What now?”
      Treek – “I’ll just stay here.”
      Me – “What about crashing Dave’s?”
      Treek (misunderstanding I think) – “No it would be hard to nap with all the kids around.”
      Me – “OK. Have fun…”

      Most of that was word for word. Not much energy there today. 🙂

  2. Robin Turcotte says:

    if you are talking about the two telus towers downtown on jasper and 101 st or so. Then they have there own parkade you can park in. you get in from behind the building. call me if you need better instructions

  3. Pauly says:

    We also played that role selection game… but you didn’t win that either…. oh man… did I just do that?

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