Weekly Recap

Does anyone remember all the way back to last Sunday’s recap.  Where I vowed to buckle down and realy get some studying done?  I meant that for this week.  That is my story and I’m sticking with it.

The work at ‘Edo’, as Troy calls it, or ‘Mitsubishi’, as Dad calls it, was excellent.  I wonder if there is a career in helping IT personnel and companies prepare presentations or prepare their staff for presentations?  I could do that.  Except I’d like them to come to me instead of me to them.  That is why I’d make a poor entrepreneur.  Waiting for your business to find you is a bad starting point.

Wednesday and Thursday were a wash.  I did so little on Thursday I forgot to go in for comics.  How does that work?

Friday I did the studying I wanted to.  What I need are deadlines.  I work better with deadlines.  This week I have some specific objectives.  I need to bone up on SCOM and Media Server before Wednesday.  I’ve also decided that I need to pick up my ITIL Foundation cert.  So I’ll detour a bit to at least find out how much studying is necessary for that.  It is a single exam so it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up.  Then after Wednesday back to the EA and Microsoft stuff.

Blogwise I am going to clean up my act a little.  One of my conceits in starting this was to use a colloquial, conversational English.  That has meant playing fast and loose with grammar.  I have also just wrote free form from beginning to end.  The upshot is that I’ve often reached the end of a post without a point to make.  So I want to make the following improvements:

  • Not to write parenthetical sentences.  I over use brackets, commas, parentheses, dashes and other means to write mid sentences asides.
  • To cut down on exclamation marks.
  • To use fewer lists.  I’ll start not using them after this one.
  • To do a rough outline.
  • To not start sentences with so, but, however, OK and and.
  • To maintain a conversational feel.  So I’ll keep contractions and some sentence fragments and the occasional smiley

It is not exactly a new beginning.  Don’t expect the base contact to improve.  🙂


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