No Post

Hmm – I’m drawing a blank on what to post today.  Nuts.

Maybe I should have been watching the news today for inspiration.  I’ve been watching the stampede and I have nothing to say about that.

I could talk about gaming last night.  Troy missed as his daughter cut her leg.  Hopefully she is doing alright today!

We (Tim, Dan, Dave and myself) played Race for the Galaxy.  It is only the second time we played and we needed to reread the rules.  The expansion was mixed in, but we aren’t familiar enough with the game to really notice it.  I can’t remember who won so it probably wasn’t me.  (Oh yeah – it was Tim!)  The game was slow to star and tentative because it is a game about planning and familiarity.  Without those things, you can’t really form a strategy.  The end game was OK though.  Once we had a layout started, we were able to plan so moves to take advantage of it.  Tim ran about 3 good rounds where he picked up big points.  Nicely done.

I had quite a bit of fun once the game started going.

Then came multiple games of Dominion.  This is a great fall back game.  Every hand seems satisfying (although one hand I won dragged a bit).  We always play a random layout so each game is different.  I call it a fall back game because since we play the random layouts, we never develop game strategies from game to game.  So each hand doesn’t quite have the engagement of a bigger game.  But it is perfect for nights like last night.

I had some very nice wins.  Even the Witch win was good although I felt guilty in ending the game simply by handing out so many curses.  I played the next hand without taking any attack cards.  The funnest layout might have been one with bridges and upgrades.  It seemed to allow several interesting strategies.

It was nice to see some of the guys.  It seems like a little while since a Friday game.


4 thoughts on “No Post

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Didn’t win a game last night… sigh 😦

    I was definitely hardest hit by those curses… CURSES!!! I think I lost by 4 points because of those…

    Race for the Galaxy didn’t do much for me… it was exactly the same as the first time. I forgot that you have the option of the set cards… and I chose the same color as last time… too many crappy brown planets.

    I love Dominion… always feels like a different game. I wonder if Andi would like it. I think it can be played with 2 people right?

    • I think RftG is probably fun for experienced players, but it has a learning curve – both for strategy and familiarity with the overall card mix. But it isn’t much fun while on the learning curve.

  2. Dano says:

    GM and I play Dominion all the time. Probably 3 or 4 games a week. We also take it camping. It is nice becasue it is all cards; no meoples, chits, or game pieces to lose. Gene loves it!!!

  3. David Silvestri says:

    yeah… I’ve been meaning to borrow it from Todd and try it out with Andi…

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