Guys Getaway Weekend Planning

So despite the fact that our group includes several individuals who coordinate multi-million dollar projects and/or hundreds of people as their daily job, our planning for our yearly gaming weekends is always a fiasco.  I think an amusing fiasco, but surely one we can do better.

I think some goals to achieve for next week include:

-expand Dan’s menu (below or in e-mail thread)
– finalize estimates on alcohol (in progress)
– Review board game list for additional suggestions or to second some votes (Tim, Troy haven’t voted)

Planning Items Done:
– Decide on whether a pre-shopping trip to costco will occur and who will do it (Troy the night before)

– finalize which vehicles are coming (Rob, Troy and Dave)

– determine 1 or two additional video games (Stef suggest the CoD:Modern Warfare 2 – so we’ll do that)
– find 10 controllers (in progress)
(Stef will provide the last two)

Here is where we are so far:

Scheduling – [Pauly responsible]

  • Leave morning Friday, July 23rd.  Return late afternoon/evening July, 25th
  • Staging meeting at Troy’s for Edmonton folk
  • Meet at Humptys in the Fort for breakfast – 9 am
  • Final shopping at no-frills to follow
  • Question – day of or pre-day shopping trip to Costco required? (Yes Troy will do it)
  • 10 people are going this year – myself, Tim, Robin, Dave, Troy, Shaun, Dano, Stef, Pauly and Rob
  • Rob’s cabin is the meeting place [I’ll circulate the address in a less public forum when I have it, but we’ve all been there before (except maybe Sean)]
  • Any other scheduling details needed?

Transportation – [Pauly Responsible]

  • Three vehicles will be used – Goal to minimize vehicles while getting setting for 10 and storage for a ton of stuff (Troy, Dave and Rob will drive.)
  • Any other details needed for transportation?

Drink – [Dano Responsible]

  • All drink to be purchased during shopping trip except specialty items.  All that is needed is an idea of what is needed
  • There is water at the cabin.  No additional should be needed?
  • Coffee [there is a coffee maker at the cabin? Yes, yes there is]
  • More Bailey’s is needed (is 2 60s excessive?)
  • Tim to provide grog.  More grog.  [someone needs to volunteer a grog container – I think there were some] – The grog last year was in a 4 liter container.  We do not need 40 liter coolers for grog. 🙂  10-12 is likely lots.
  • More wine – [> 2 bottles?]
  • More girly coolers – [> x we bought last year] – Smirnoff Ice is a hit (4×12)
  • [Note both the Smirnoff and the grog are high alcohol content drinks that consume like juice.  Dangerously good.]
  • Less beer.  [< 15/ person] (4×12)
  • Currently at ~10/person
  • Outstanding – better estimates for coolers, wine and beer.
  • Any other drinks needed?

Food – [Dano responsible]

  • Turkey diner, all details for Stef to arrange, [deep fryer, propane, misc requirements]
  • To dethaw a turkey takes 25/5 lbs in the fridge or 30 minutes/lbs in cold water!
  • Other gourmet’ish meal – the vote seems to be for home-made McGriddle for a breakfast, but the bread has not been statistically eliminated because it would make Robin sad. 😦
  • We may do the rest of the menu planning during the shopping trip[s]
  • Menu (rough):
  1. Friday Morn: Breakfast at Humpty’s
  2. Friday Lunch:
  3. Friday Supper: (Pizza ??)
  4. Saturday Breakfast: Griddles by Dano
  5. Saturday Lunch:
  6. Saturday Supper: Deep Fried Turkey a la Stef.  Or deep fried Stef if this doesn’t work out. (salad in a bag for side?)
  7. Sun Morn:  Sausage and eggs w/ hashbrowns and fresh tomatoes. (plus Deer Sausage at cabin)
  8. Sunday Lunch:
  9. Plus: non-stop snacks.
  • Grocery list:
  1. Hot Dogs and Smokies
  2. Hamburgers
  3. Buns for the two above
  4. (Fr. Pizzas??)
  5. Eggs (a flat?  More?)
  6. Cheese slices (for griddles)
  7. Salad 2 bags cesar
  8. Hasbrowns
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Coffee (help, I’ve never bought coffee – someone will have to figure out what we need)

Video Games – [Todd Responsible]

  • 3 projectors will be available – [Stef, Stef, Pauly]
  • 3 Xbox 360s will be available – [not decided yet maybe Tim, Dave and Robin]
  • 10 controllers needed – [need to do controller inventory] 4 robin. 2 Tim, 2 Dave , 2 Stef
  • networking gear from Dave – [still packed, should be checked before departure]
  • Games : [we should finalize in the next week to allow time to gather them]
  • Halo:ODST [Stef, Robin, Stef?], CoD:Modern Warfare [Need to find games]

Board Games – [Todd Responsible]

  • Todd’s full inventory here plus many other misc. games from others (no summary, but there are many good ones
  • My games are split up around everyone.  So an accounting may be needed to find all the suggestions.
  • The suggestions so far (all games with multiple votes are sure to come, where I specify a negative vote there is also always at least 1 positive vote):
  • Le Havre or Agricola – 2 votes
  • Civilization: Through the Ages
  • Long Live the King –  2 votes
  • Arkham Horror
  • El Grande – 2 votes
  • Android [Tim] – 2 votes
  • Small World – 2 votes
  • Nuns on the Run – 3 votes
  • Modern Art
  • War of the Ring – 1 vote against this, but Dano meant Lord of the Rings actually
  • Time’s Up – 2 votes
  • Battlestar Galactica [Tim] – 2 votes for, 1 vote against
  • Catan [Dano] – 3 votes
  • Dominion.  [Dano or Todd – need Alchelmy for sure from Dano and Intrigue from Todd]
  • Carcasonne and/or Alhambra – 2 votes
  • Cash and Guns – 2 votes
  • Caylus
  • Dominion
  • Bohnanza
  • Fury of Dracula – 2 votes
  • Pillars of the Earth
  • Dungeon Lords – 2 votes
  • Formula D – 2 votes
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • Die Macher – 1 vote against
  • Railroad Tycoon (or the other railroad game… whichever was better)
  • Shadows over Camelot
  • Space Alert – 2 votes, 1 of which was a plea
  • Runebound (maybe Prophecy?)
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • Wits and Wagers
  • Apples to Apples
  • Citadels
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Roll through the ages: Bronze Age
  • Tribune
  • Pandemic
  • Descent

Misc. – [Rob responsible for cabin misc]

  • Everyone needs to bring bedding
  • Beds for 7 with no sharing (2 of these are bunk beds though) plus a couch
  • Coolers – Rob and Stef to each bring one, more needed? (Dave and Troy each have one)
  • Rob to check on cleaning supplies
  • Our only chores are to mow the lawn and to leave the cabin cleaner than we found it (if possible)
  • Todd to plan ahead for tabulating bill properly (and maybe keep receipts for future planning) – Spreadsheet created.  Will collapse if we get asymmetric purchases (e.g. purchases where the share is not evenly divided)
  • Anything else?

Old Discussion Items

  • Rob’s pickup for sure – 2 people comfortably, a lot of storage
  • Troy’s Excursion for sure – 4 comfortably, lots of storage (plus Troy had a roof carrier at one point too?)
  • One other either my Tribute (4 comfortably, little storage) or Dave’s Ridgeline (4 comfortably?, lots of storage including the secured trunk) – [TBD]
  • Additional Vehicles now Offered by Shaun (van) and Dano (F-150 Crewcab with covered box).

24 thoughts on “Guys Getaway Weekend Planning

  1. Pauly says:

    Hey, there was a positive vote for Galactica as well… make it two now! Also Dungeon Lords, and Descent please.. also, that eight player+ royal game… the name escapes me… oh and Formula D (at Troy’s house.)


  2. Updated in bold with items from yesterday.

  3. Woody says:

    I have 3 bottles (varying fullness) of scotch that can make the trip – including some 18yr old (well, closer to 21 yr old now) Glenfiddich.

  4. David Silvestri says:

    cash and guns is on the list twice… once with 2 votes… 🙂

  5. David Silvestri says:

    BTW… here is a link on Wikipedia that lists all System Link Games:

    • Nifty. Thanks!

      Halo 3 : ODST, Call of Duty: modern warfare 2, Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 all might have promise. There is also a rally game called Dirt for something different.

      Do any of those, other than Halo: ODST appeal to anyone?

  6. Pauly says:

    Troy has volunteered to do a Costco run the night before. Troy, and Rob are driving, we actually might get away with just that people wise, but I am concerned about luggage. Let’s say Dave as well. (If that’s ok with Dave.)

  7. David Silvestri says:

    Can drive… or I can drive Todd’s vehicle instead as it would be easier for him to get in and out of.

    Can’t see him getting into the Excursion… the Ridgeline would be iffy at best…

  8. Dano says:

    Should I bring the portable Air Conditioner again? Worked good last year.

    • David Silvestri says:

      I remember the basement of Rob’s place being fairly cool. And I slept upstairs last time and never had a problem with the heat at all?

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