Parkade Fail

So I thought I was hot stuff in the parkade by work.  Nearly every morning I’ve been there, I had the fortune of explaining to someone how the parkade pay machine works.

Until this week.  Grr.  Yesterday I paid $20 dollars for parking (the maximum) for 2.5 hours.  Bad cost benefit there.

And today I paid $26.  The morning was fine.  I arrived early enough for the $16 dollar all day special.  Very reasonable for downtown.  But work extended past 6 pm so I need to plug some more money.

I got to the machine at 6:03.  Inserted my credit card and hit ‘time’.   The display adjusted back to 6:00 and it said $5.

“Well, garsh,” I thought.  “I’ve just spent $5 to get nothing.”  So I hit time twice more until it said 7 and charged me $10.  I printed the receipt.

While it was authorizing my card, I read the machine label.  It said $5 overnight parking.  “Well, garsh,” I thought, “the bloody machine isn’t programmed right. Stupid machine.”

As I’m walking back inside, I realized that when the display flipped to 6:00 it meant 6 am.  I paid an extra $5 to park until 7 am.  Bad cost benefit since I left at 7:30 pm.  Grr.


2 thoughts on “Parkade Fail

  1. Suellen says:

    $16 for parking? Are you working downtown?

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