Weekly Recap

Well another week with little to show for it.  I made advancement on the studying, but not so much as I wanted.  I’m thinking in particular of the Enterprise Architecture stuff.  I think my M.O. might be off.  Anyway, I need to get the MS studying done at least do the point I can book the exam.

So next week is the same as the one before.

I have more time to put in with the great Japanese IT firm.  Maybe one or two days of work.

And recruiting folks started calling last week.  The jobs they are offering don’t really seem great, but beggars can’t be choosers so I’ve said yes and forwarded my resume.  I’m not too optimistic that they’ll turn into anything.

The worst bit was one of them said I might be pricing myself too high.  I dunno – I certainly don’t want to be doing that, but I’m already taking a hit of near 15,000 in my asking rate.  He suggested dropping another 15,000 off that.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t overpaid by $30K at the Gov’t (plus benefits).

The highlight this week was Paulo and Arlete’s wedding.  They got married at Our Lady of Fatima church.  Service was in Portugese and I’m not sure if the folks at the wedding were happier that the wedding was beautiful or that Argentina lost their world cup game. 🙂  They also piped the service via the ‘net to Brazil so their folks could attend.

Their daughter and son walked them down the aisle (the wedding was actually a blessing of the civil marriage they had years ago).  Arlete and Gabriel followed the flower girls and the procession was slowed as Gabriel attempted to clean up all the flower petals as they passed.

Paulo apparently has ties so every Brazilian priest in the arch-diocese was in attendance.  Really!  It meant three different sermons – or maybe one sermon, one homily and one extended bit of advice.  In theory it is now three times harder for Paulo to mess the marriage up (or so the translation I heard later said).

Tony and Fatima were one of the couples standing up for Paulo and Arlete.  Tony cleans up quite nicely – as do Paulo.

I slacked off the blog a bit, but I had the energy today to put up another philosophy post.  Next week I think there will be a couple reviews on books and games.  Not sure I have another bigger topic in me for next week.

Thanks!  Talk to you all next week.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Bhiku or Swami says:

    Interesting that you don’t mention that “Stella” was right by you during lunch!!!

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