Comics Recap

Five week month – June see?  Five Wednesdays.  Comics are on a four week schedule.  So for five week months they thin it out to five.  So the last week is a slack week.


I thought Stumptown was in, but I was wrong.  So I had nothing in my file.  I grabbed Northlanders.

Northlanders – A done in one tale of heroism and exploration on the high seas.  The vikings sail west to discover new land.  It is 670 – so no Canada yet.  But they make it to [spoilers].  (roll over to see nothing).  It was a pretty nifty tale.  But dark and violent and filled with greed and madness.  The art rocks with showy panoramas of volcanoes and man eating fish.  I recommend it – unless you actually want the heroism I talked about in the first line.  There might have been none of that.


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