Weekly Recap

Well – this will be short.

I was inspired to do very little this past week.  I mean little useful.  I finished several books, comics and a video game.  But I wrote few good blogs, comic reviews, etc.

There was almost no traction on the job hunt.  No good posted jobs.  But I do have one solid lead provided by Matt.  We’ll see how that turns out.   The studying was also slow.  I made some good progress on studying Enterprise Architecture stuff.   But I have a ton to learn.  Mostly I seemed to make notes on other areas to research.  The MS studying went really slow.

Highlights were twofold – I was tweated – or my blog was.  Consider my narcissism stroked.  The second was a very nice BBQ last night.

Next week – I have another day or two with Fujitsu.  But I need the schedule the next exam writing which means getting the confidence to write it.  Ooh, and the new China Mieville novel comes out next week.  Yay!  And I want to write something funny on the blog.  Not sure what.



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